5 Vape Pairings You Need to Try Today

As you explore the flavors available in vaping, you may want to start looking into flavor pairings to heighten the experience. The good thing with the massive variety of eliquid flavors out there is you can open up a cornucopia of innumerable possibilities with flavor pairings out there. Here are some vape-drink combinations you can try out to start that journey.  

Peach Guzzi and Pink Lemonade with Iced Tea

Fruit and iced tea is a pretty good combination, but they don't always have to be put together into one drink. Fruits like lemons and peaches are known to be complimentary for iced tea. Cafe Racer's Peach Guzzi is an awesome eliquid to pair with an cool glass of iced tea. The same goes for Pink Lemonade, which has a hint of grapefruit and raspberry to add to the lemon kick. Both should let you get by a hot summer afternoon

Lucky 13 and Lucky Bastard with Craft Beers

For more sophisticated adult palates, these combinations may be for you. If you're a fan of IPAs and other craft beers,, then you may want to pair it with the Lucky 13 or Lucky Bastard eLiquids. Both of them have smooth tobacco flavor with notes of creamy vanilla, toasted almond, and caramel—perfect for any good IPA. Lucky Bastard is twice the smooth tobacco as Lucky 13, so you have an option if you're looking for something heavier.

Croissant with Coffee

Most baked goods go well with coffee or chocolate, but few things beat the classic combination of croissant and coffee. If you want to feel like you're in Paris on a Sunday morning, get Cafe Racer's Croissant eLiquid and vape it while drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Cafe Racer Croissant has that buttery pastry dough coupled with almond cream and dark Belgian chocolate topped with some powdered sugar that you'd expect from an actual croissant fresh from the oven. There are few better ways to start a day than that.

Strawberry Creamsicle with Chocolate

The chocolate-covered strawberry is certainly proven to be a good combination, so much that even people who aren't that fond of chocolate would end up liking this pairing. The Strawberry Creamsicle eLiquid, as the name suggests, has a thick creamy strawberry flavor with hints of vanilla. With that in mind, combined with a cup of cocoa, some chocolate cake or eclair, or even just a chocolate bar can make for a wonderful experience.


kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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January 31, 2019

I tried all these juices. The only one I don’t like is with coffee. I like the fruit flavors with ice drinks the most! Like Tropic Storm from https://www.migvapor.com/e-juice. It is what I can taste endlessly.

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