Best Vape Solutions to Help You Switch from Smoking in 2020

Switch from Smoking to Vaping


Many people get into vaping for one significant reason, and that is to stop using combustible (i.e. cigarettes) tobacco products. Whenever people start  the process of looking to vaping to kick their tobacco habit, their first question is usually what device to get. After that, the second question is what eliquid they should vape with. So if switching to vaping is your New Year's resolution, check out this guide to get you started!

Your choice of eliquid can significantly impact your success at switching from conventional cigarettes to vaping full time. 

Motto by Cafe Racer

The first option for those looking to quit smoking would have to be the simplest choice out there. Our Motto pod vape is the premier vaping option for anyone looking for a nicotine supplement without all the nasty chemicals in a conventional cigarette.

The Motto starter kit is available for $39.95, and it comes with three flavored pods to start with. You get a choice between Kick Ass Mint, Tangerine Ice, and Virginia Tobacco. This variety in flavors are sure to make you want not another cigarette, but another hit from the Motto vape.

Salty Bastard by Cafe Racer

Salty Bastard by Cafe Racer MiPod

If you happen to have a refillable pod vape, then you should go for our Salty Bastard line of flavored eliquids. There are three great flavors to choose from—Tobacco, Tobacco Ice, and Tangerine.

It doesn’t matter whether you want straight-up tobacco, menthol tobacco, or a fruity flavor. With the Salty Bastard, you can have the best open system pod vaping experience and will be a long way towards leaving the smelly, messy and unhealthy world of cigarettes behind you. 

Lucky Bastard by Cafe Race

Open system sub ohm vaping devices still are very popular.  They combine great flavor with excellent vapor production. Coming from combustible cigarettes, you want that tobacco flavor, but not the by-products  like tar, horrible smell and carcinogens  that come with it. Fortunately, we have the right eliquid just for you.

The Lucky Bastard is much like our award-winning Lucky 13 eliquid, with that smooth Virginia tobacco along with hints of creamy vanilla, toasted almonds, and sweet caramel. Lucky Bastard is actually the same flavor profile as Lucky 13 - but with 2x of our exclusive naturally extracted tobacco flavor - a real treat! 

That means twice the goodness, which is guaranteed to be way more than what a cigarette can offer. If you still want that tobacco flavor, but want a lot more of it and a lot less of the harmful effects to your health, then the Lucky Bastard should be perfect for you.

Cool Bastard by Cafe Racer

Were you more of a menthol cigarette sort of person? Then get the Cool Bastard, which is basically the Lucky Bastard with an added minty kick. That should definitely give you a lot less reason to go back to your menthol cools.

It has the same smooth and creamy Virginia tobacco flavor from the Lucky Bastard, but it also delivers a crisp mint finish that should give you the coolest tobacco experience you’ll ever have.

Berry Ice by Cafe Racer

The Berry Ice is a cool blend of fresh berries that’s topped off with an icy menthol finish. If you like the minty coolness of the Cool Bastard, but are not that into tobacco anymore, then the Berry Ice eliquid should be a good choice for you.

Daily Grind by Cafe Racer

The newest addition to our product line is also the best one yet. Awarded the best dessert eliquid in Vapexpo Spain 2019, the Daily Grind is a great coffee flavor mixed with creamy French vanilla, butterscotch, caramel, and hazelnut.

That deep richness in flavor is more than what you’ll ever get from even the most expensive of cigarettes. Make the switch now and you definitely won’t regret it. Vape this along with your favorite pastry or breakfast item and you’ll feel very much alive.

Grand Reserve Collection by VaporFi

Perhaps you want even more options. After all, you don’t want to get vape tongue, which is when you get too used to vaping one eliquid and start tasting nothing from your vape. That’s why you should look at other options, which are plenty throughout the vaping market.

The Grand Reserve Collection by VaporFi is a great option, and is perhaps one of the best eliquids to come out in 2019. Made with top-shelf glycerin, this 100% American set of eliquids offers a medley of tropical fruit flavors that are hard to beat.

Doughnut by Mig Vapor

Perhaps you have a sweet tooth, yet you are trying to lose weight. Not only is nicotine an effective appetite suppressant, but you can also get flavors like Mig Vapor’s Doughnut eliquid that can beat whatever you get at your local donut shop any day.

The Doughnut set by Mig Vapor are a set of nine different flavors of donut eliquids that will surely satisfy your pastry cravings, but without the carbs.

Philippine Mango by Vape Chemist

If you’re looking for a really creamy and fruity eliquid to take you away from smoking, then the Philippine Mango by Vape Chemist is worth a try. This high-quality eliquid is available in both freebase and salt nicotine, so it’s great whether you’re using a vape mod or a pod vape.

This eliquid offers a tremendous amount of Philippine mango flavor with each draw, and with the vapor production to match. It also gives a throat hit that you won’t get from a regular cigarette.


You get a greater variety of choices in vaping compared to cigarettes. That’s certainly one of the best things about switching from conventional tobacco to vaping, making it the best and most amazing way to quit smoking for good.

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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David Sheroff
David Sheroff

August 27, 2020

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