where it started

Our founder’s introduction to vaping started all the way back in 2007 (an eternity in vape years) when he left a high profile marketing job at Red Bull North America to join a scrappy start-up vaporizer company called Ploom (who went on to to release the massively successful Pax Vaporizer in 2012 and later the JUUL by Pax in 2014). Fueled by the vision that vaping could help he and millions of other smokers ditch the dirty habit of smoking, it was the spark of passion that eventually led him to focus on creating his own line premium quality, hand-crafted e-liquid.


We use only the finest USP / food grade ingredients and the best premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine available. Our blends are rigorously tested and are diacetyl free. Our hand crafted e-liquid is made in a GMP and ISO certified lab located in Southern California. Every batch of e-liquid we produce is date and batch coded for strict quality control, guarenteeing a consistenx high quality product.


Cafe Racer's flavors are some of the most award-winning e-liquids in the world, taking home award hardware in almost every e-liquid competition we have entered. From expos around the USA, to Europe and all the way across the world to China.. The numbers speak for themselves.

Flavor Development

We set out with a simple goal: develop amazing e-liquid flavor creations that we love to vape. We have a passion for discovering wonderful flavors from around the world and finding ways of combining them in unique and surprising ways. We spent over 6 months working passionately in the lab before finally releasing our first two signature flavors - Lucky 13 and Peach Guzzi in May 2015. Since then, we have continued to work tirelessly in the lab on new flavor creations and release flavors only when they meet our exceedingly high standards which has led to a line of nicotine salts, as well as 3 new free-base flavors.

The original goal was to develop an amazing tobacco flavor that pairs well with craft beer, which was a long process in itself consisting of over 15 different samples before finally coming up with the Lucky 13 flavor that you know and love today.

Today, Cafe Racer has established itself as one of the leading global e-liquid brands and has won 9 awards all over the world to prove it. Cafe Racer's products are sold in over 40 countries around the world and hundreds of vape retailers in the United States and China.

Although recent regulations have limited the new flavor production we can do in the USA, we continue to produce new flavors for the asian arkets and other markets around the world who have different taste pallets and lesser regulations on flavored e-liquid products


Back in post WW2 England, Cafe Racers were built because of a lack of production motorcycles that had the performance the riders wanted. The Rockers or Ton Up boys went to great lengths to defy the manufacturers by building their own "sport bikes”. A high powered Triumph engine was transplanted in to a legendary Norton featherbed frame and the Triton Cafe Racer was born. Today there are a plethora of motorcycles that out power and out perform the classics and building a Cafe Racer is no longer just about the search for better performance, it is an expression of style...but in the most practical sense.

The personal vaporizer / electronic cigarette industry has a lot of parallels to Cafe Racer culture. The initial electronic cigarettes lacked the performance that people wanted. People started hacking these designs and creating their own mods and early open tank vapes. On the e-Liquid side, people also quickly realized that the initial tobacco and menthol flavors available were ok but there was a whole world of flavor to be explored to create the kinds of flavors that people would really enjoy.

Over the years, we have seen endless innovation and adaptation by both consumers and manufacturers as we have paved the way in the e-cigarette industry, which continues to resemble the grit in the early years of the cafe racer culture. Through regulations and constant changes... we have remained tough and stayed true to our brand, and we’re still here