Why Vaping Has Helped More People Quit Smoking Than Anything Else in History

The difficulty of quitting conventional tobacco products can never be understated. Out of all the methods devised to help with the process, it’s vaping that made a difference. Vaping is like a miracle that has saved lives, proving to be an effective tobacco-quitting method over the years.

Much of that success is due to the nicotine delivery and tobacco eliquids that make the possible for smokers to transition to vaping more easily. Those elements combined make up the one thing that has rendered all other methods obsolete. 

Here’s a rundown of why vaping has helped more people quit smoking than anything else in history.

Tobacco-Quitting Options Before Vaping

Most methods of quitting conventional tobacco are centered around the concept of tapering off nicotine intake. The theory of slowly decreasing the nicotine consumed over time until a dead stop is sound, but there’s more to quitting cigarettes than just the nicotine. But until vaping came along, the variety of options available in the market was limited.

Nicotine replacement methods like nicotine patches and gum were mostly used. Nicotine patches let users absorb nicotine through the skin, but their overall effectiveness has been limited. Nicotine gum may be seen as more successful as it can serve as an analog for the oral fixation from cigarettes, but it does not completely replace the sensation of smoking.

There are other forms of oral replacement like himalayan salt inhalers, but their actual effectiveness has been dubious at best. There’s also hypnotherapy, which does have a degree of effectiveness, but takes way more time and patience, and it may not work for everyone.

Of course, there’s the age-old method of quitting cold turkey, which has been known to be the most difficult as cutting all nicotine after years of heavy smoking can result in intense cravings and high chances of relapse.

What has proven to be the most effective way to end the cycle of tobacco addiction was vaping, which came along, first in the 2000s, and has helped countless people get off of cigarettes all over the world.

History and Intent of Vaping

The first ecigarette was designed by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who had been struggling to quit cigarettes. His father had died from lung cancer due to years of heavy smoking, and he himself got into the habit when he was 18 while working in an agricultural state enterprise in the tailend of the Cultural Revolution.

He was nicotine patches, but still craved for cigarettes. One day, after waking up in the morning, he noticed that he forgot to remove a patch before going to bed. This was when he realized that patches didn’t give the same head rush as smoking a cigarette, so he knew it didn’t deliver the nicotine in the same way.

His revelation was twofold. For a tobacco-quitting method to work, the nicotine delivery must match that of a cigarette, and the ritual of putting something to your mouth and inhaling should be replicated. He then came up with the idea of an electronic device that vaporizes a liquid containing nicotine—something he formulated through his pharmaceutical expertise.

His development of the first ecigarette took place in 2003, which resulted in the “Ruyan”. It consisted of three parts—a battery, a cartridge containing a nicotine solution, and a heating element that atomized the solution. Eventually, the technology reached the western world and later caught on fire, resulting in the revolution that led to the proliferation of vaping.

Vaping became a global phenomenon, gaining widespread popularity in the 2010s and gave rise to a whole new industry. Nowadays, we have all sorts of vape devices and eliquids that are enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

While it has become a hobby onto itself, its original intention was to serve as an effective method for quitting tobacco, and that remains strong to this day.

Variety of Vape Devices

A big part of the appeal of vaping is the immensely wide variety you get in vape devices and eliquids that has been spawned by the global vape industry. The technology and design involved in vape devices has been progressing at an incredible pace since the early days of the ecigarette, and it only continues to grow and become more effective and enjoyable.

At first, vape devices were small and meant to closely emulate the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. They then evolved to pen-type devices, which retained the portability and feel of a cigarette. Designs then started to diverge, taking on new shapes and growing in size.

Mechanical mods were devised to deliver more power, and thus more nicotine. But then, safety concerns regarding batteries cropped up, which paved the way for regulated mods with chips that were programmed to manage power and had the function of cutting off current when there’s too much of it. This made vaping safer and more accessible to more people.

Then in 2015, JUUL came out with their own product, which was the genesis of the vape pod. This innovation brought portability back to the top of the vaping game, opening the floodgates to vape devices that could fit in people’s pockets and could use a new type of eliquid that delivered even more nicotine while requiring less power.

Pods have made vaping even more effective as a method for quitting conventional tobacco due to being able to deliver nicotine more sufficiently. Nowadays, there are even disposable pods available for those who wish to vape only to taper off their nicotine habit, and then stop altogether once they’re completely off the hook.

Flavored Eliquids (Including Tobacco)

As mentioned, there is a cornucopia of choices in eliquid, from different types to different flavors. You can now find hundreds of brands and thousands of flavors online and in local vape shops.

At first, most eliquid were unflavored, their existence owed solely to their purpose of nicotine delivery. But nowadays, through the development of various processes, flavors were added and made vaping more enjoyable to more people.

There are plenty of fruits, custards, candies, pastries, beverages, and so on to choose from. However, for many who got into vaping for quitting conventional tobacco, it’s the tobacco-flavored eliquids that they most likely encountered and tried out at first.

Tobacco eliquids don’t only help make the transition from cigarettes to vaping easier, but also offer better and more varied tobacco flavor experiences. Vapers can get naturally-extracted Virginia tobacco flavor mixed with things like nuts, caramel, and so on.

Flavored eliquids doesn’t only make vaping an effective way to quit cigarettes, but also make it a more appealing option. Vaping is a healthier option that doesn’t have the same detrimental effects as cigarettes—which had chemical additives that caused lung illnesses—and was more fun and exciting to be into as well.

The Vaping Community

The spread of vaping started with word of mouth at first, and then the Internet took over and turned it into a phenomenon. Soon enough, local and online communities started cropping up.

With the technicalities involved with vaping, including building and maintenance of vape devices, the chemistry of eliquid, the urge to spread the word about it as a great way to quit cigarettes, and the need for validation through scientific studies regarding the safety of vaping, it was very important for vapers to band together, help each other out, and become a community.

Online forums became a resource for people who are looking to get more knowledge and resources on vaping. Blogs started growing due to the constant need for more information, especially for beginners. Vape companies started selling vape devices, eliquid, and accessories through ecommerce, generating more money and giving rise to the global vape industry.

Vape shops began to multiply, where vapers could shop, hang out, and talk about vaping. Local events became giant conventions that showcased the latest and greatest that vaping has to offer, as well as educate the public on the wonders of vaping. As the years passed, vaping grew from a niche movement into an institution.

All of this is thanks to the sense of community that vaping has fostered through its mission to make the world smoke-free. The spirit of the vaping community is focused on helping each other out and wanting the world to be a healthier place to live in.


Vaping is facing some tough challenges right now due to the panic resulting from vaping-related illnesses that cropped up in the US during late 2019. Despite all the challenges, vaping continues to stand as people’s best hope in kicking conventional tobacco to the curb.

All the good vaping has done for people who have quit smoking because of it is the main thing that will let it survive these tribulations. As more people are able to quit cigarettes thanks to vaping, the more vaping will be able to save lives through education and community.

You can help and support vaping by continuing to be a patron of your favorite brand and vape shop, as well as spread the word of it being the most effective method for quitting conventional tobacco products.

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kurt sonderegger


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