What Can You Do to Fight the Impending Vape Ban?

The recent calls for a nationwide ban on flavored eLiquids due to the sudden spike of vape-related illnesses have been alarming to both the vape industry and vapers alike. It has been a tough time for vape businesses everywhere due to this panic, especially with the rampant misinformation on what may have caused the illnesses in the first place. The FDA and CDC took months to clarify on this issue, making the problem worse. 

From here on, fighting the impending vape ban does seem like an uphill battle that may not be won, but there is still hope. While more and more states are starting to impose their own laws on prohibiting vape products, 

Here are a few things you can do to be a part of the fight against the impending vape ban.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The most significant way you can help with the fight is to exercise democracy and let your voice be heard by the US government. Speak up about your vehement opposition towards a vape ban on the local, state, and federal level through various means.

Write to your state government and representatives through both email and snail mail. Call them on the telephone and be the voice of reason regarding this whole vape ban debacle. Tell them why a nationwide vape ban would be a grave mistake, especially with everything being led on by misinformation and lack of proper understanding.

Tell them that a whole industry will be left in the dust if a vape ban is enacted. Inform them of the countless lives that have been saved by people switching from smoking to vaping. Sign petitions and join protests in your area to let the vaping community be heard more loudly. Make your voice heard however you can to help fight this vape ban.

Educate the Public, But Do Not Irritate

Let people know it’s 100% illegal black market THC cartridges that caused the outbreak of lung illnesses, and is not associated with electronic cigarettes. But first, you must educate yourself on the intricacies of the matter, understanding exactly what has caused the illnesses to suddenly crop up after all these years of vaping.

Click here to read an article from the NY TIMES 

Once you’ve gained an understanding of the issue, do what you can to educate others around you on why these illnesses happen in the first place and help them shift the blame away from vaping itself. Focus on the most important thing, which is to let them know that it’s not vaping, but illegal cartridges that are to blame.

Inform people of the dangers of illegal THC cartridges and the need for legitimate vape businesses. Drive home the point that if a vape ban is to be imposed, it will only drive the industry underground and make illegal and potentially dangerous vape products proliferate more.

However, you must make sure to not get obnoxious and annoying whenever you say your piece on the matter. Be respectful and genuine when you talk about the issue as doing otherwise may actually help convince people further of why a vape ban would be a good thing.

Share Your Story

Perhaps writing to your congressman is too much effort and you may get burned out with trying to convince people who don’t want to be convinced. The least you can do at this point is to tell your vape story, especially if you’re a vaper who kicked the tobacco habit through vaping.

Few things are stronger than genuine testimonials given by ordinary people whose lives have been positively affected by vaping. Be honest when you tell your story as that, more than anything else, will help your case in letting others understand why you’re against the vape ban.

Continue to Support Your Vape Shop or Brand

However you can, as long as it’s legal in where you are, continue to support your favorite vape shop or brand. Support the businesses in your local area that are still selling vape products and encourage other vapers to be patrons of those establishments.

If you tend to order vape products online, make sure that it’s still legal to deliver to your location to avoid problems with the law. Stock up on eliquid right now while you still can from legitimate sources and continue to vape your favorite brands.


If vaping has helped enrich your life in any way, you can give back and help with the fight against the impending vape ban. Join the rest of the vape community in banding together and talking some sense into the government and the public who have been misguided into thinking that vaping itself has caused the recent rise of vape-related illnesses in America.

Remember that it’s all about clearing up all the misinformation. Learn the facts and help bring light to the actual problem.

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


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