What Type of Pod System is Right for You?

Getting into vaping can be a bit of a challenge due to all the different things that are thrown at you when you start to gather information.  So many the different devices, eliquid flavors, ways of vaping, and many more can be daunting and overwhelming to take in at first.

But nowadays, there are pod mod systems that are a lot easier to understand and use.  They’re portable, convenient, and require almost no learning curve.  But there are also different types of pod mod systems as well, so it’s important to know which one you should go with.

If you’re looking to buy a pod mod system, here are a few things to know about the two main types of pods in these devices.

Different Types of Pod Mod Systems

Pod mod systems are basically the portability of a vape pen that use either disposale or refillable pods.  A pod mod provides the best of both worlds, letting you vape on the go. When used with a nicotine salt eliquid, it can be much more satisfying than more traditional sub ohm devices. 

Pod mods are vaped either by pressing a button or simply by drawing. There are no settings or mods to mess with, making them fairly fool-proof. They’re very easy to maintain—just keep them charged and replace the pods when the coils are burnt.

The main difference between types of pod mod systems boil down to the pods themselves. When you’re picking between pod mods in the store, you’ll see closed pod mods and open pod mods. Knowing the difference between the two will inform your purchasing decision.

Closed (Disposable) Pod Mod System

Closed pod come pre-filled with eliquid and can’t be refilled, making them disposable. They’re a lot easier to use and don't require you to also purchase eLiquid to top up. 

Closed pod mods are good for people on the go as well as people who want to keep it as simple as possible.   All you need is a charged battery and a pod with some liquid. No filling, etc.  

The coils and eliquids in the pods are designed to work perfectly for that device, so you get the best possible experience right out of the box. If you get a device from a reputable manufacturer, the pod, coils, and eliquid should be high quality.

If you happen to not like the flavor pod so much, then you can choose a different flavor that’s more to your liking. While choices are more limited with closed pod mods, most brands do offer options for all kinds of vapers in various nicotine strengths.

Open (Refillable) Pod Mod System

Open pod mods have many similarities to closed pod mods, but the only major difference is that the pods are refillable. They’re designed for vapers who like vaping their own choice of eliquid or like to switch between flavors often.

This makes open pod mods have virtually unlimited diversity in flavors and nicotine strengths, not being limited to whatever the pod manufacturer has to offer. If you’re used to regular vape mods, this is the better option for you as it better fits your already-established vaping habits.

Open pod mods tend to be bigger to accommodate the refillable pods. But a positive side-effect of that design is usually having a slightly bigger battery, especially if the pods go up to 2-3ml. But they may be a bit bulkier in the pocket, so find smaller ones if portability is important to you.

Since open pods are not completely sealed, you’d want to find an open pod mod that’s not leaky. That’s where it gets tricky as there are some open pod mods on the market that are somewhat infamous for leaking. Because of this, it’s worth doing research first before you decide on your purchase.

Other than that, open pod mods offer most of the same advantages of closed pod mods, but with a lot more ways to enjoy your vaping experience while having to put in a bit more effort.

How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing the right type of pod mod system depends on your vaping habits and experience. Ease of use and convenience are what pod mods are about, so buying one that takes a lot of hassle to live with is counterproductive.

If you’re a new vaper and just looking to vape temporarily, then a closed pod mod may be better for you. All you need is a convenient supplier of new pods until you’re ready to quit nicotine altogether. They’re a thousand times better than starter options in the past, which tended to be underpowered and quick to outgrow.

The good thing about closed pods is you get the pre-filled eliquid as well, so you can just put it in and start vaping again immediately. Closed pod mod systems are designed with beginners in mind, but they should do just as well for veteran vapers who are looking for the best flavor possible.

If you’re a long-term vaper, then you can go for open pod mods. You’d already be familiar with different eliquids, so you can just carry them over. However, if you’re looking for a sufficient nicotine kick, then you’ll have to look into nicotine salt eliquids if you haven’t yet.

In any case, pod mod systems are pretty good in general. Whether you go for a closed pod or open pod mod system, you should find it to be quite fitting for your vaping needs.


Pod mods have rendered vaping more accessible and more viable for both quitting conventional tobacco and pure enjoyment. Choosing between closed and open pod mods is mostly up to personal preference and purchasing convenience.

A good pod mod system you can choose right now is our very own Cafe Racer Motto pod, which is a closed pod mod system that comes with some fantastic flavors. The Motto starter pack comes with three flavored pods for only $39.95.

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