Top 4 MTL Closed System Pod Mods for Nic Salts

Experienced vapers will know that there are a whole host of different ways to vape. However, anyone new to vaping may be unsure about the differences between Open and Closed System Vaping.  Vaping devices come in all shapes and sizes these days, and it may be daunting to find the right type of device for your vaping needs and a particular lifestyle.

On one hand, basic vape pens may be good to start with, but they often are underpowered and a suffer from low quality.  On the other hand, box mods are powerful and fully-featured, but they are often a bit too bulky and complicated for most people. 

Open System vs Closed System 

In the new era of low powered MTL devices, you have Open Systems and Closed Systems pod mods.    Open system MTL pod mods come with empty pods that allow you to refill the pods with the eLiquid of your choice.   Examples are Mi Pod, Suorin Drop, and the SMOK Nord

Closed systems are pods that come prefilled with eLiquid and (usually) only fit the device made by the same manufacturer.  The big difference for closed vape systems is that they are not (supposed to be) refillable.

The simplicity of closed vape systems are why these devices are growing considerably in popularity across the USA and globally. 

The following Closed System Devices are some of the best ones you may find in the market today.

motto by Cafe Racer 


motto is the newest offering of Cafe Racer Vape and features a slim and compact design, organic cotton heating element, 1.8ML pods and a 340 MaH rechargeable battery.   The battery is charged using a basic mini USB cable - so no worries about losing your proprietary charging port. 

What makes motto shine is great flavor delivery and very satisfying vapor production for such a small device.    Available in 3 flavors - Virginia Tobacco, Tangerine Ice and Kick Ass Mint in 5% nicotine.  motto will be available starting in early December in USA and launch will vary in other countries around the world. 


Pax Labs introduced the JUUL on June 1, 2015 without a lot of fanfare.  The device featured a sleek design, no buttons and an atomizer that is contained inside the disposable Juul pods.  The pods also had .7ML of eLiquid containing Nicotine Salt eLiquid in 6 flavors at 5% Nicotine or 50MG  as well as the recently released 3% for USA an 2% for the UK. 

Even with dozens of similar products now on the market, Juul remains the top-selling closed system by a big margin.  This may change over time but for now, Juul is King and what most companies hold as the gold standard on design and performance. 

Phix by MLV

PHIX is a solid device with a 280 MAH internal battery. The pod holds a 1.5ml e-liquid with 5% nicotine by weight with a resistance of about 1.4ohm to 1.5ohm. Flavors include Butterscotch Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, Spearmint, and Infuzion Cool Melon and Blue Raspberry. 

Bo by Jwell 

Designed and crafted in France, Bo by Jwell is a nicely designed closed system vape device with a number of flavored pod eLiquid options.   We did experience some issues with Bo such as pods leaking and spit back, but otherwise, it's another option to consider when looking at the best in class for closed system pod mods. 

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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December 20, 2020

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