6 Travel Tips for EVERY Vaper Should Know

Travelling can be rather perilous for vapers as taking your vape with you on your trips can involve a lot of caveats. Ideally, you want to be able to bring your battery and e-liquid/pods with you, get it through airport security, take them on board the plane, and be able to keep it in the destination country and even vape it there.

Of course, it’s far from an ideal world. Here are 6 crucial travel tips for vapers, which can save you from headaches and frustrations while travelling.

1. Check Whether Vaping is Legal in Your Destination

Different countries have different laws regarding electronic cigarettes. Some of them even impose fines and threats of jail time. Perhaps that may scare you, but it’s imperative that you check local laws in your destination before bringing your vape along for the ride.

For instance, countries like Japan, Finland, Norway, and Denmark have sales bans on all products containing nicotine. While they do allow you to bring your vape along for personal use, there won’t be stores to buy more eliquid and vape supplies from. While the U.S. doesn't have a ban on sales of vape products, the T.S.A. has issued a strict set of guidelines for flying with e-cigarettes.

Meanwhile, countries like  Thailand, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates have complete bans on vaping. In fact, in Thailand, you can be arrested and sentenced to as much as 10 years in jail for vaping.

2. Read Airline Rules Beforehand

There are safety concerns regarding the carrying of devices and batteries. As a general rule, you must take your battery in your carry on luggage. Lithium-ion batteries are usually never allowed in check-in baggage.

Well-known airlines have rules regarding carrying e-liquid, vape devices, and accessories stated in their official websites. 

3. Keep Your Vape Device in Your Carry-On Luggage

The general rule-of-thumb in carrying vape devices is to have them in your carry-on luggage. As mentioned, having it in your other luggage has its safety concerns, so most of air travel would prefer to have them carried on carry-on.

If it’s small enough, you may even carry it on your person, and you can place it on the conveyor for the x-ray inspection machine when you’re at the security checkpoint. Provided that you’ve done your research beforehand, you should have no problem having them inspected in that particular airport.

4. Store Eliquids with Your Other Liquid Items

This is mostly a matter of convenience. Having them with your other liquid items is something most airports prefer you to do to make security checks easier. Have your eliquids properly sealed and put in a resealable bag.

If your vape device has eliquid in it as well, you’ll have to put it in the resealable bag as well. Meanwhile, eliquid bottles larger than 100 mL should be packed in your checked luggage.

5. Store Your Batteries Properly

Vape devices these days tend to use lithium-ion batteries, which are the same kind used in electric cars. That means they’re very powerful, and can be potentially dangerous if mishandled or not properly stored. You wouldn’t want them loose, which would make them move around and bump into each other in your luggage.

Keep your spare batteries away from other metallic objects and make sure to not let their contacts touch each other in your luggage. Storing them in the plastic case you got them with is best. simply covering the contacts in electrical tape and storing them in a padded carrier is also a good alternative storage method.

Whichever method you use to store your spare batteries, make sure they are kept secure and with their contacts kept from touching each other at all times.

6.  Flying at High Altitude Can Cause E-Liquid to Leak

The increase in the pressure when flying actually allows excess air to enter your  pod or tank, which often causes it to leak.  It's best to take your pods out of the battery before flying or empty your tank.  We recommend placing these in ziplock baggies to prevent them from getting into your luggage, pockets or back packs. 

When you have reached your destination, you should try turning the pod/tabk upside down, to prevent flooding of your tank and get rid of that excess air. 

Bonus.  Don’t Try to Hide Your Vape

Some may find the possibility of having their vape devices and e-liquid confiscated at the security checkpoint to be motivation enough to hide them, but this is ill-advised. This is very important as hiding your vape from security checkpoints, only for it to be found out, can result in hassle and confusion. 

Trying to hide it only makes you look suspicious to airport security. Even if you succeed one time, or you’ve heard someone who has succeeded in concealing their vape in their luggage, the risk of being caught hiding your vape can get you into more trouble.

This is something you can never be too complacent about. Do your homework and bring it only if you’re sure that the destination you’re going to will allow vaping.

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


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