The Best Tanks for Cafe Racer E-Liquids

There are so many vape tanks available in the market right now that it could be difficult to pick out which one is the best for vaping your choice of eliquid. You may be spoiled for choice, but there are a few that stand out as the best for the eliquids you prefer.

We here in Cafe Racer have our own preferences, and we’d like to share with you the latest and greatest tanks for our own eliquids in 2021. These are the latest tanks that we think would draw out the most amount of flavor from Cafe Racer eliquids.

Uwell Crown 5

This is perhaps the best sub-ohm tank available right now. Uwell has been making waves in recent years with its products, and they’ve come out with their best work yet. The Uwell Crown 5 is a reliable tank that delivers on both durability and performance.

It improves even further on the original Uwell Crown, which was released back in 2015. This fifth iteration delivers amazing flavor and big clouds, which is certainly what you’re looking for from a sub-ohm tank. It’s like the original, but with even better airflow.

However, it’s not the best tank for temperature control mode. While there are indeed stainless steel coils available for it, making temperature control work for the Uwell Crown 5 may require trial and error to find a way to make it work. If that’s what you’re after, look elsewhere.

Other than that, this tank should serve you well. If you’re just vaping within 50-100 watts, this is unquestionably the best tank you can get right now.

Freemax M Pro 2

If you like vaping at high wattage, like 90 watts or more, this tank is the one for you. The Freemax M Pro 2 is a great sub-ohm tank for handling the three-digit watt range without being disappointing, instead giving you great flavor with every draw.

If you have a dual-battery mod, this is the tank you should go for. Another plus is that the coils in this tank are built to last, so you won’t have to change them as quickly as most coils in other high-wattage tanks. It’s also big and airy, so you can blow fat clouds with it.

Its predecessor, the Freemax Mesh Pro, had major issues with the top cap sliding mechanism that would open in your pocket and leak all your eliquid out. The Freemax M Pro 2 doesn’t have that problem, so you can be sure that it won’t leak your juice in your pocket or bag.

Freemax FireLuke 2

If you don’t have a mod that’s over 100W, but you want the same performance as the Freemax M Pro 2, then you can go for the Freemax FireLuke 2. It’s a hybrid of the tank from the brand’s popular Freemax Twister kit with coils that have their 90% tea fiber cotton and 10% organic cotton wick that’s super absorbent and long lasting.

That wick holds more juice compared to other wicks, thus producing more vapor and more flavor with every draw. The Kanthal mesh plates that are laser-cut with precision lets it make contact with the wood pulp cotton closer than any other coil can. That makes for a flat and smooth surface that gets the eliquid heated as evenly and instantly as possible.

Horizon Falcon

Horizon is a reputable brand when it comes to vape tanks, and the Horizon Falcon is perhaps their best tank yet. It has a 5ml capacity that can be upgraded to a whopping 7ml, which is easy to fill with its enlarged dual fill slots.

The adjustable airflow marks sure the mesh coils and wick with 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp get just the right amount of air for every draw.  The design makes for even and instant heating of eliquid for great flavor. There’s also a resin version of this tank for those who want a resin mouthpiece to go with their Horizon Falcon tank.

GeekVape Zeus X

One of the most popular vape tanks of all time is still going strong with its latest version. The GeekVape Zeus X is the ultimate iteration of the original Zeus, which combines top and top-to-side airflow for incredible flavor and vapor production.

It’s even easier to build the coils in this RTA with its new build deck design. The detachable inner chamber makes it a lot easier to clean. Also, it’s guaranteed to be leak-free. The tank itself holds 4.5ml of eliquid, and all of it will be secure and vaped with no concern for leaks.

Other than that, if you’re looking for a classic RTA and you were a fan of the original GeekVape Zeus, then it’s hard to go wrong with the GeekVape Zeus X.

Our best-selling Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard, and Cool Bastard, as well as our Daily Grind, are known to be great eliquids for this tank.

Hellvape Hellbeast

As far as versatility and compatibility are concerned, the Hellvape Hellbeast is the best tank in this list. It’s a sub-ohm tank that combines many of the features vapers look for in one easy-to-use RTA. If you’re still confused about what you want, get this one.

The dual-purpose airflow system includes an MTL option, so you can choose to use it with eliquids that are better for MTL vaping. This is great if you want to vape our Salty Bastard eliquids, which are best enjoyed with MTL.

You can use a variety of different types of coils with it, whether it’s the SMOK TFV8 Baby Coils, Vaporesso GT CCoils, or the Aspire Nautilus Coils that come with the Hellvape Hellbeast.

That also means that it’s guaranteed to vape just the way you want it with great flavor and vapor production. You can customize it to fit your preference, and it also comes in a variety of different designs for the best fit with your mod.

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kurt sonderegger


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