5 Signs Nicotine Salts are For You

Vaping has come a long way since the early electronic cigarettes.  The evolution of vaping hardware was usually the driving force in eLiquids.  With the advent of higher powered devices and sub ohm coils, eLiquid nicotine content went from an average of 12 MG  to 3MG being the most common level.   This has recently been turned upside down with the advent of Nicotine Salts.   

With higher nicotine and more satisfying nicotine salts, there are a number of very good low powered MTL (Mouth to Lung)  devices optimized for Nic Salts.  Click here to see our list of top picks

Some vapers may find the nicotine kick in most eLiquids to be insufficient compared to what they would normally get from smoking.  That is where nicotine salts come in. If you're looking into whether NicSalts are for you, here are five signs to look out for.


You find nicotine in conventional eLiquids to be insufficient:

Nicotine salts, or NicSalts for short, is the usual way nicotine is commonly found in tobacco leaves. NicSalts can be absorbed faster into the bloodstream compared to distilled nicotine found in conventional eLiquids. They also yield a less harsh throat hit that makes it easier to consume due to its pH balance.

NicSalts contain a different pH than that of free base nicotine. Some nicotine salts may be closer to the biological pH of certain membrane locations in the esophagus and lungs. Therefore, nicotine salts exhibit differing inhalation and absorption properties. For instance, by delivering nicotine into the bloodstream both faster and more efficiently, the user will have an experience bearing more semblance to combustible cigarettes.


You're trying to quit smoking:

Smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products delivers a high nicotine kick almost instantly.   When switching to vaping, many smokers don't feel the same satisfaction as with traditional cigarettes, and fall back on their old ways. 

Nic Salts deliver nicotine to the bloodstream much faster than traditional (freebase) nicotine eLiquids and are therefore more effective for smokers looking for a similar level of satisfaction.  

You Are Looking to Vape Less:

Because Nic Salts are stronger and absorbed vaster into the bloodstream, many vapers report vaping less frequently.   You can take a few puffs from your favorite MTL or Pod Mod device and quickly feel the Nic kick vs vaping for 2 to 3 minutes with traditional freebase nicotine.  

You want more flavorful eLiquids.

Nic Salts also has less impact on the flavor of eLiquids.  That's because freebase nicotine can significantly affect the flavor of the eLiquid it's added to.  Once you get above 3MG, nicotine can have a big impact on the overall flavor profile of freebase eLiquid.  If you don't care much for throat hit, yet want more out of the nicotine in your eliquid, then NicSalts should be right for you.


You want to vape something more discreet and doesn't make big clouds:

It goes without saying that not every vaper likes exhaling big clouds of vapor.  If you want a more discreet vaping experience that won't involve you exhaling clouds at home or in public, then NicSalt based eliquids may be the solution.

Do keep in mind that this doesn't mean zero clouds, but you do get significantly less visible vapor from NicSalt eLiquids using a smaller and lower-power device

If you're a smoker who is looking to vaping as a way to kick the tobacco habit while wanting to keep your vaping simple and more discreet that traditional high powered vaping devices, then you may want to give NicSalts a try. As you wean yourself off the nicotine more and more, you may then switch to a lower nicotine or nicotine-free eliquid, perhaps with a high VG ratio as well.




kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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Kyle Hartley
Kyle Hartley

January 09, 2019

Isn’t there a box mod /tank combo & coil that can handle the nic salts? I’ve got an old kangertech but it’s sub ohm & way too harsh of a hit. I’m using the aspire nautilis with nic salts ,24 mgs & it works great so far. The nic salts have enabled me to quit cigarettes so I plan on sticking with them but I would like a device that’s more substantial .

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