Top 6 E-Liquid Flavors You Need This Summer

As summer rolls by, vapers everywhere want the taste of something more refreshing, and that's what we have for you here. These six e-liquid flavors are just what you need to get you through the summer heat.

Cool Bastard

Image via SubOhm.com

Image via SubOhm.com

An award-winning e-liquid, Cool Bastard is as it sounds—chilled quite nicely. It has a rich and creamy flavor with a mint finish that's just right, making it perfect for those who wish for a cool menthol tobacco experience that's not too overpowering.

It can be a bit finicky when it comes to temperature. If you don't want too much cream, you wouldn't want to use it cold. However, too high a temperature may cause the mint to fade. Have this at the right temperature and wattage and you're in for a good experience. It's creamy tobacco that doesn't dry the throat and ends with a mint touch that compliments all the other flavors.

Berry Ice

Another flavor with an icy cool finish, this one is all about that berry taste. If you like strawberry or raspberry with a hint of mint, then Berry Ice is certainly your choice of liquid. The menthol aftertaste doesn't overpower the berry flavor, so you should find this mix of fruit and mint to be just right if you like it sweet and cool at the same time.

This is best for those who are okay with the Cool Bastard but want something fruitier. It's the classic fruity sweetness and tartness you'd expect from berries, but with a hit of coolness at the end.

Peach Guzzi

With hints of blueberry, vanilla custard, and green tea undertones to go with its main note of crisp peach, this blend is a crowd pleaser. It's full of flavor without being too strong as to become tiresome, so you can vape this all day long easily.

The peach comes in, then the blueberry comes up at the throat hit and exhale. The aftertaste soon follows in a smooth and subtle delivery. This is also great for big cloud enthusiasts who like them thick. Peach Guzzi seems like a complete package for many.

Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice

Salty Bastard Kit including Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice

The name is a bit of a mouthful, and the flavor is too. The Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice Nicotine Salt is for those who want to ramp their vaping up a bit more. It's much like the Cool Bastard, with just as much mint in the back, but it also gives you those nicotine salts for a more sophisticated flavor. It's sweet, savory, and definitely interesting.

Take note that it's not meant for subohm vaping due to its high nicotine content. It should give you a nice tobacco taste with a slight menthol kick in the finish.

Strawberry Creamsicle

For something a bit different, this one can be a bit divisive. While the Berry Ice does have strawberry flavor in it, this one is even heavier on the strawberry. If you're really into strawberry flavors, then the Strawberry Creamsicle should be right for you.

It's an amalgamation of strawberry, vanilla, and cream that blend together smoothly as you draw and lingers as it hits the throat, then fade slowly after the exhale. It's not too sweet, yet does have that familiar milky fruit cereal strawberry taste that can take you back to your childhood.

Salty Bastard Tangerine

Another Salty Bastard Nic Salt flavor for those who are more into citrus. This one is a blend of natural tangerines and oranges that reminds many people of orange tic tacs. 

As with the Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice, this one also is not meant for sub-ohm setups. If you're looking for a liquid that takes you from sub-ohm to MTL pod, then this should fit the bill. The Salty Bastard Tangerine isn't too sweet but delivers the citrus fruit notes in spades.

Yogurt Bomb

If you're a fan of frozen yogurt, then you'll love the froyo goodness of Yogurt Bomb. Creamy and tangy yogurt with fruit notes like mango, guava, and a bit of tangerine is blended together for this flavor explosion. If you like Peach Guzzi, you'd like Yogurt Bomb as well with its fruit sherbet quality.

Just make sure your unit doesn't get too hot to keep tasting this flavor bomb at its fullest. The throat hit is pleasant and warm, and the fruits come through upon the exhale. While it doesn't put out that much smoke, you'll find it smooth and creamy for the most part. If you're looking for a taste experience, then this is the way to go.


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