How Do I Know My E-Liquid is Safe? | 5 Useful Tips for Buying Safe E-Liquid

Most people started vaping as means to quit smoking and avoid the many pitfalls of combusting tobacco (smell, tar, etc)  There are certain things you should remember to keep it safe by buying only FDA registered e-liquid from reputable qualified retailers and websites. 

Buy from a Reputable Vendor

The first step is always to find a vendor you can trust; one that sells quality products.  Spend some time in the vape shop testing various e-Liquids for flavors that you like.  Check to see if the retailer actually has a relationship with the company or distributor. These little details do matter as they show care by the vendor for the quality of the e-juices they sell.

Do Your Research

While some bargain brands are pretty good, they may contain cheaper quality nicotine and other flavorings.  That does mean expensive eLiquids have safer products so do some research before you buy. 

See if the company has a website.  Does the manufacturer make any statements about their facilities?   Check out the reviews from customers both on their website and on other websites.  One great website for 3rd party reviews is  Juicedb

Seek Child Resistant Caps

Not only can e-liquid be potentially dangerous to you when handled or used wrong, but it can be handled or even ingested by children.  Current legislation mandates that all eLiquid have child resistant caps.  If you see one without this - that's a sign that the manufacturer is cutting corners. 

Of course, you can take other precautionary measures like storing the e-juice in hard-to-reach places and securing them with locks, but you can never be too sure when you're currently consuming the eLiquids and this is an important safety measure mandated by the FDA. 

Look for Professional Labeling

In the case of eLiquids, you can judge it by its label. Professionally done labels must sh include warnings about nicotine and should list the basic  ingredients, thus letting you know what's inside. Also look for nicotine strength displayed prominently.

The quality of labels does help denote the level the brand is operating at. While you need not stay away from smaller companies, do know that you can be more certain with the safety of the product when it comes from a responsible  company with more regulation and oversight.

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kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


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Taylor Hansen
Taylor Hansen

October 23, 2020

I like how you mentioned looking for quality labels on the bottle to trust the e-liquids. My brother just got me my own mod last week and I want to get some juices that taste really good. I’ll be on the lookout for new flavors that sound good to me. https://thevaporchef.com/collections/tobaccos

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