The Top 10 Vape Brands to Follow on Instagram in 2019

The Internet is the biggest proliferator of vaping information, hype and reviews. 

One of the biggest online channels for vaping is Instagram, where high-quality photos and videos of vaping are posted regularly.

If you’re looking to follow vaping more on Instagram, here are the top vape brands to follow in 2019.


Based in California, PHIX provides vape pens, pods, accessories, and juices. Their products are designed to look sleek and suitable for both casual and formal settings. That makes them great fodder for Instagram, which certainly helps their company.

PHIX has over 31,000 followers on Instagram as of this writing. Their posts showcase PHIX as a vaping lifestyle brand that’s aesthetic and fit for enthusiasts.

One Hit Wonder (USA)

Los Angeles-based One Hit Wonder boasts high-quality eliquid made with nothing but the finest ingredients while still being affordable to all vapers. They started with their Muffin Man product line and now has 7 additional flavors.

Their eliquids have interesting packaging, which you can see for yourself in their Instagram page. With almost 93,000 followers, it does seem like there are plenty of people who enjoy vaping One Hit Wonder.

BO (France)

This French company makes some of the most elegant electronic cigarettes you will ever feast your eyes on, and they’re perfect for Instagram. They have some of the most intricate designs with the finest details on their BO Infinite, and you can see it on their many Instagram posts.

There are also some with metallic finishes, which they showcase with thoughtful execution. They also have simpler and more casual designs, which are also quite pretty.

Their presence in Instagram accentuate their main strength of aesthetic design. At the moment, they have almost 6,400 followers, and they deserve more.

SMOK (China)

One of the vape powerhouses, SMOK has been releasing amazing products since day one. They’re known for both their vape mods and atomizers, which are all known for their quality and innovative design. They also have starter kits that are also gaining traction.

The SMOK Instagram page showcases their products with a mix of beautiful photography and infographics that give more insight into their products. Now nearing 600,000 followers, their popularity is certainly well-deserved.

Suorin (China)

This is one of the top brands in the world when it comes to open system pod mods.  Suorin claims to be the leader in open pod systems, and it’s hard to argue their track record. Their different product lines featuring portable pods that make vaping more accessible to just about everyone.

Their pod designs are aesthetically pleasing, and it shows in their Instagram profile. They push forth their products as classy and contemporary through their posts.

Dinner Lady (UK)

If you’re looking for a more colorful vape brand, look no further than Dinner Lady. Based in the UK, this company features a great variety of eliquid of different flavors and styles, making for a cornucopia of color and taste.

Their Instagram page is all about pizzazz, with tons of colorful posts featuring all the fruity flavors that Dinner Lady offers. They’re just about to reach 5,000 followers right now, and they should get more.

Riot Squad (UK)

The bottles look like rifle bullets, but they’re in bright colors, so they look more like crayons. That description can sum up Riot Squad from the UK and their products. They slam together punk and rave cultures to come up with a heady mix of neon and edge.

Their image is immediately obvious upon seeing their Instagram page. Boasting distribution in 58 countries with multiple awards for their flavors, Riot Squad is a brand you should have on your vape radar.

Nasty (Malaysia)

All the way from Malaysia is Nasty Vapes, a bold name for a bold brand. You can see from their Instagram profile an in-your-face style and attitude. They’re all about sharp and ostentatious designs, bold colors, and striking imagery.

Their Instagram page is a celebration of all things vaping, and the products they carry are some of the best known names in the industry. Even if you’re not in Malaysia, you can still get something out of their regular posts.

Naked 100 (USA)

When you first look at the Instagram page of Naked 100, you can immediately notice a theme. Their posts tend to have a calmer and more subdued tone, and their style is calmer and cleaner. Naked 100 is straightforward with its advocacy of responsible vaping and elimination of tobacco.

This is a proactive Instagram page for those who feel passionate about vaping and quitting tobacco. Their branding is clean and light, and their image is all for a more general audience. With over 102,000 followers, it seems like they’re pulling it off.

Beard Vape Co. (USA)

As the name suggests, Beard Vape Co. is all about the manliness in the vaping space. Their juices all have that distinctive bearded man logo that’s sure to attract a certain crowd, but they do feature women enjoying their products as well every now and then.

Beard Vape Co. puts forth a vaping lifestyle that’s all about adding more flavor and dimension to your daily vaping experience. With almost 70,000 followers on Instagram, they attract a loyal following that adds much to the brand.

Cafe Racer / Motto (USA)

Our own Instagram page is close to reaching 50,000 followers as of this writing, and for good reason. We regularly post photos and stories of our products and how they can be a part of your vaping lifestyle.

In addition to our eliquids, we also showcase our Motto vape pod on our Instagram page. It also shows how our products are for people who are either on the road or just kicking back.

We also attend expos, do giveaways, and regularly update our blog, and you can get wind of all of that if you tune in and follow our Instagram page.

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