The Best Natural Tobacco eLliquid Flavors in the World

Eliquids have always been about delivering a flavor experience - with an almost infinite number of flavors including fruits, desserts, creams, and of course, tobacco flavors.  

Many eLiquids use synthetic tobacco flavorings produced in a laboratory. These types of flavors have their place in the market and in eLiquids, but in our opinion, they fail to capture the true essence of tobacco flavors and the many available varieties.

Cafe Racer’s tobacco flavors, including Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard and Cool Bastard as well as our Nic Salts line of Salty Bastard Tobacco and Tobacco Ice stand out for their smooth and distinctive flavor profiles.   One of the main reasons for this is that we use a proprietary extract from real tobacco leaves to produce real tobacco taste without the harshness, bitterness and often chemical flavor of most tobacco eLiquids on the market.

To learn more about Natural vs Sythetic Tobacco - check out our previous blog post HERE

Here's a run down of Cafe Racer's  naturally extracted tobacco flavors.  

Lucky 13 by Cafe Racer

This multi-award-winning eliquid is the pride of Cafe Racer. Lucky 13 is our take on the classic RY4 tobacco eliquid style that combines naturally-extracted Virginia tobacco with creamy vanilla, toasted almonds, and a hint of caramel.

Lucky 13 has won Best Tobacco flavor at Vape Expos around the world - including Vape Summit Houston, Vapexpo Spain and Vape Expo Ukraine.

Lucky 13 is a perfect companion to craft beers like a cold pint of IPA, as well as a good standalone all-day vape. Check out what the fuss is all about and get it here in Cafe Racer now.

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Time to rest on your laurels! It’s Friday, grab #lucky13 and feel relaxed!

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Lucky Bastard by Cafe Racer

If the Lucky 13 does not enough tobacco for you, then the Lucky Bastard has you covered. It has twice the Virginia tobacco while still having that nice combination of creamy vanilla, toasted almonds, and caramel in one tight package.

Lucky Bastard is everything you love about our award-winning Lucky 13 but with double the smooth naturally extracted tobacco creating a bolder, richer more nutty  flavor profile guaranteed to deliver the best tobacco vape experience of its kind.

This is definitely for experienced vapers who are really into their tobacco. Enjoy it with your favorite craft beer or coffee and relax.

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☑️When you need a bold RY4 flavor profile, #luckybastard got you covered with its bolder notes of caramel, creamy vanilla, toasted almond and Virginia tobacco.😀💨💨💨

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Cool Bastard by Cafe Racer

Some like menthol to go with their tobacco, and we have the Cool Bastard for those people. It’s our patented rich and creamy Virginia tobacco flavor mixed with a crisp mint finish that should satisfy any menthol head out there.

Think of it as the Lucky Bastard with more menthol and less of other flavors. This may go down well for those who just want their tobacco with a bit more of a kick.

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Time to rest on your laurels! It’s Friday, grab #lucky13 and feel relaxed!

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Salty Bastard Tobacco by Cafe Racer

If you’re a pod user, you may be looking for nicotine salts. The Salty Bastard Tobacco is our best tobacco nicsalt eliquid in our line, combining great tobacco flavor with a lot more of a nicotine kick.

It’s the same naturally-extracted Virginia tobacco with creamy vanilla and caramel you can get from the Lucky 13 and Lucky Bastard, but with stronger nicotine. Put this in your pod and give it a puff, and you’ll see why it’s an award-winning flavor.

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Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice by Cafe Racer

Of course, the Salty Bastard can’t go without a menthol version. The Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice is also an award-winning eliquid, and it’s great for those who like their nicotine salts with a cool finish. It’s the same Virginia tobacco, but with a crisp mint finish to accentuate it.

If you vape with a pod, like our Mipod, then you’ll find this to be a great companion for it. The mint flavor is clean and does not come off as weak and watered down. 

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Our tobacco eliquids are made from naturally-extracted tobacco, which means that you’re getting the best of tobacco and not just a mix of chemicals that taste roughly like tobacco, or worse, have flavors resembling cigarettes and chemicals. 

Cafe Racer ensures the best quality in our award-winning tobacco flavors and great value for the price. If you’re a tobacco fan, we recommend you start with the Lucky 13 and go from there.

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


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