What is Naturally Extracted Tobacco?

‘Naturally extracted tobacco’ or NET refers to the process by which the tobacco flavor or essence is removed (extracted) from the tobacco leaf.

Many eLiquids use synthetic tobacco flavorings produced in a laboratory. These types of flavors have their place in the market and in eLiquids, but in our opinion, they fail to capture the true essence of tobacco flavors and the many available varieties.

Cafe Racer’s tobacco flavors, including Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard and Cool Bastard as well as our Nic Salts line of Salty Bastard Tobacco and Tobacco Ice stand out for their smooth and distinctive flavor profiles.   One of the main reasons for this is that we use a proprietary extract from real tobacco leaves to produce real tobacco taste without the harshness, bitterness and often chemical flavor of most tobacco eLiquids on the market.

When we started Cafe Racer E-Liquid, doing a proper RY4 flavor to go with our love of craft beers was a top priority.   Given that most of the commonly used tobacco flavors available were unacceptable, we made a pilgrimage to tobacco country (Carolinas, Virginia, etc) in search of a new source.  After weeks of meetings and testing, we were  able to find an amazing tobacco flavor that was naturally extracted Virginia tobacco and a compound of several ingredients creating a rich, smooth almost buttery tobacco that was a perfect base to build a next generation RY4 tobacco flavors.


It would seem that our decision to go this route was a good one as Lucky 13 has won numerous awards at Vape Expos around the world for Best Tobacco including Vape Summit Houston, Expovape Spain, Ukrainian Vapor Week , Vapouround Awards and is also the top selling premium tobacco flavor in China - a country that loves tobacco eLiquid flavors.

We invite you to enjoy our tobacco flavors and when you do, we'd highly recommend pairing them with a fine craft beer.  For more on this, check out previous blog post on Pairing eLiquid With Craft Beer.

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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