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September 06, 2019


Cafe Racer Double Labels Due to FDA Rules - Explained

In late 2018, the FDA mandated that all vape companies in the USA include a warning on their products and promotions, including social media posts.  This put many manufacturers in a tight spot since we often produce our liquids in larger quantities that last several months. 

Not complying with this ruling could lead to possible penalties for companies as well as any retailers selling eLiquids without the warning. 

At Cafe Racer, we had a few thousand bottles in our inventory without this warning and decided to add the new label with the warning to the bottles in order to be compliant and ensure that all of our retail partners were also compliant with the new FDA regulations.  We also had recently updated our logo - so this gave us the opportunity to have all of our bottles with the new Cafe Racer logo and branding. 

It has come to our attention that some people questioned why some bottles had 2 labels and we wanted to be very clear, these are not counterfeit but intentionally done to make sure that we and our retail partners were compliant with all FDA regulations. 

We also immediately complied on social media by adding the warning to all product-related post, as did most other companies in the industry. 



August 31, 2019

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Cafe Racer Vape's Friday the Lucky 13th MEGA Giveaway!

In celebration of the award-winning flavor, Lucky 13, we're excited to announce that we're RUNNING a MEGA GIVEAWAY that will run starting today September 1 until Friday the 13th, September 13, 2019!

It's not everyday that you are lucky to score these vape items for FREE, so try your luck now and join Cafe Racer's Friday the Lucky 13th MEGA Giveaway!

Get a chance to win these prizes: 

1st Runner Up:

- 4 x 60 ml bottles
- motto Starter Kit
- 9x motto Pods

2nd Runner Up
- 3x 60ml bottles
- motto starter Kit
- 6 motto Pods

3rd  Runner Up:

- 3 x 60ml bottles
- motto Starter Kit
- 3x motto Pods 


Enter your details below to qualify and be entered to win! 

  • To be eligible for this giveaway, you must be a US resident and above 18 years old!
  • You need to complete any or all of the action steps below!
  • The first action step is mandatory in order to be entered into the giveaway.
  • Note: Every action completed carries a point:
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  • Winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
August 23, 2019


The Best Natural Tobacco eLliquid Flavors in the World

Eliquids have always been about delivering a flavor experience - with an almost infinite number of flavors including fruits, desserts, creams, and of course, tobacco flavors.  

Many eLiquids use synthetic tobacco flavorings produced in a laboratory. These types of flavors have their place in the market and in eLiquids, but in our opinion, they fail to capture the true essence of tobacco flavors and the many available varieties.

Cafe Racer’s tobacco flavors, including Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard and Cool Bastard as well as our Nic Salts line of Salty Bastard Tobacco and Tobacco Ice stand out for their smooth and distinctive flavor profiles.   One of the main reasons for this is that we use a proprietary extract from real tobacco leaves to produce real tobacco taste without the harshness, bitterness and often chemical flavor of most tobacco eLiquids on the market.

To learn more about Natural vs Sythetic Tobacco - check out our previous blog post HERE

Here's a run down of Cafe Racer's  naturally extracted tobacco flavors.  

Lucky 13 by Cafe Racer

This multi-award-winning eliquid is the pride of Cafe Racer. Lucky 13 is our take on the classic RY4 tobacco eliquid style that combines naturally-extracted Virginia tobacco with creamy vanilla, toasted almonds, and a hint of caramel.

Lucky 13 has won Best Tobacco flavor at Vape Expos around the world - including Vape Summit Houston, Vapexpo Spain and Vape Expo Ukraine.

Lucky 13 is a perfect companion to craft beers like a cold pint of IPA, as well as a good standalone all-day vape. Check out what the fuss is all about and get it here in Cafe Racer now.

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Time to rest on your laurels! It’s Friday, grab #lucky13 and feel relaxed!

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Lucky Bastard by Cafe Racer

If the Lucky 13 does not enough tobacco for you, then the Lucky Bastard has you covered. It has twice the Virginia tobacco while still having that nice combination of creamy vanilla, toasted almonds, and caramel in one tight package.

Lucky Bastard is everything you love about our award-winning Lucky 13 but with double the smooth naturally extracted tobacco creating a bolder, richer more nutty  flavor profile guaranteed to deliver the best tobacco vape experience of its kind.

This is definitely for experienced vapers who are really into their tobacco. Enjoy it with your favorite craft beer or coffee and relax.

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☑️When you need a bold RY4 flavor profile, #luckybastard got you covered with its bolder notes of caramel, creamy vanilla, toasted almond and Virginia tobacco.😀💨💨💨

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Cool Bastard by Cafe Racer

Some like menthol to go with their tobacco, and we have the Cool Bastard for those people. It’s our patented rich and creamy Virginia tobacco flavor mixed with a crisp mint finish that should satisfy any menthol head out there.

Think of it as the Lucky Bastard with more menthol and less of other flavors. This may go down well for those who just want their tobacco with a bit more of a kick.

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Time to rest on your laurels! It’s Friday, grab #lucky13 and feel relaxed!

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Salty Bastard Tobacco by Cafe Racer

If you’re a pod user, you may be looking for nicotine salts. The Salty Bastard Tobacco is our best tobacco nicsalt eliquid in our line, combining great tobacco flavor with a lot more of a nicotine kick.

It’s the same naturally-extracted Virginia tobacco with creamy vanilla and caramel you can get from the Lucky 13 and Lucky Bastard, but with stronger nicotine. Put this in your pod and give it a puff, and you’ll see why it’s an award-winning flavor.

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☑️Are you into #nicsalts? Have you tried #saltybastardtobacco ? If not what are you waiting for? Visit our website to order, www.caferacervape.com😀💨💨💨

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Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice by Cafe Racer

Of course, the Salty Bastard can’t go without a menthol version. The Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice is also an award-winning eliquid, and it’s great for those who like their nicotine salts with a cool finish. It’s the same Virginia tobacco, but with a crisp mint finish to accentuate it.

If you vape with a pod, like our Mipod, then you’ll find this to be a great companion for it. The mint flavor is clean and does not come off as weak and watered down. 

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✔Get your hands👐 on this duo today = A #mipod and #saltybastardtobaccoice Starter Kit Combo for just $49.95 at caferacervape.com😀💨💨💨

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Our tobacco eliquids are made from naturally-extracted tobacco, which means that you’re getting the best of tobacco and not just a mix of chemicals that taste roughly like tobacco, or worse, have flavors resembling cigarettes and chemicals. 

Cafe Racer ensures the best quality in our award-winning tobacco flavors and great value for the price. If you’re a tobacco fan, we recommend you start with the Lucky 13 and go from there.

August 19, 2019


2019 Vaping for Beginners: A-Z Vaping Terminology

When you make the switch from smoking and get into vaping, you may find yourself inundated with terms and jargon that may leave you confused and dumbfounded. To aid you in this common dilemma, we have compiled a glossary of terms that are used in vaping, from the commonly used to the more esoteric.

As you encounter more things in vaping down the line, you may encounter terms that are not contained in this glossary. But at that point, you should be experienced enough to know your way around them.

Learning about these terms and what they mean can help you get started on your vaping journey.


Adapter: The connection piece with specific threading to fit between a mod and an atomizer.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer: APV for short, an alternative term for electronic cigarette.

Airflow: Amount of air being pulled through the atomizer during the draw. Adjusting airflow can affect vapor and flavor production.

All Day Vape: ADV for short, a common term used to refer to an eliquid that one really likes and is seen as ideal for vaping all day.

Amps: Short for amperes, a measure of the amount of electrical flow in a current. The lower the amps, the less voltage you can use on sub-Ohm atomizers.

Atomizer: Also known as "atty" for short, this is the electronic component that turns the eliquid into vapor by heating it.


Base Liquid: This is what the eliquid is made with, usually consisting of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG).

Battery: Provides power to the electronic cigarette, enabling it to turn eliquid into vapor.

Box Mod: An advanced personal vaporizer that comes in a box shape instead of a cylindrical tube. The form factor allows for more battery capacity, OLED screens, temperature control, and so on.

Bridge: A covering over the atomiser that delivers eliquid to the coils.


Cartridge: A plastic or metal mouthpiece usually stuffed with an absorbent filler material to hold eliquid.

Cartomiser: A combination of disposable cartridges and atomizers. They’re not as expensive and can hold more e-liquid than a regular cartridge.

Cartomizer Punch: A device used for punching holes in a cartomizer.

Cig-A-Like: Any personal vaporiser that emulates the appearance of a traditional cigarette.

Charger: Used to recharge batteries once they're drained.

Clapton Coil: A coil containing a larger gauge of wire wrapped tightly by a smaller gauge of wire. The name Clapton comes from its resemblance to a guitar string.

Clearomizer: A transparent version of a cartomizer, designed to show how much e-liquid is left.

Clouds: The vapor that's exhaled while vaping, which appears white and thick due to high water content.

Cloud Chaser: A vaper who focuses on creating thick vapor clouds.

Coil: Wire coiled up to vaporize e-liquid with heat generated through electrical resistance. It comes several different types of wire such as Kanthal, Nichrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel, etc.

Coil Jig: A device designed with multiple diameter sections to make rebuilding coils easier.

Coil Winder: A tool used to make wrapping coils easier with proper shape and spacing.

Connector: The threaded section for screwing in an atomizer or cartomizer. Comes in either EGO or 510.

Custom Mod: A DIY vaping device, often incorporating everyday items.

Cut-Off: The safety feature used to automatically stop a vape devices from drawing longer than the pre-set time.


Deck: The section of a rebuildable atomizer where the coil and wick are placed.

Diacetyl: A chemical usually present in artificial butter flavoring for popcorn, which resulted in the colloquially named "popcorn lung" disease. Inhalation of this chemical in large amounts has been known to cause the disease. It has also been found in certain eliquid flavors, particularly in buttery or dessert-type juices.

Direct-to-Lung: DTL for short. A method of vaping that’s basically inhaling vapor directly into the lungs instead of mouth-to-lung.

Disposable E-Cigarette: Electronic cigarettes designed to be used and then thrown away after use.

DIY Eliquid:  eLiquid made at home with a liquid base like propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and mixed with flavorings and nicotine.  

DNA Chip: A popular variable wattage chip for vape devices, built by the company Evolv.

Dragon Coil: A coil build with the wick wrapped around the coil, which is meant to increase airflow. Often employed by cloud chasers.

Draw: The inhalation of vapor taken from the tip of a vape device. Also known as a hit or a drag.

Dripping: Putting eliquid directly onto the coil. Drip atomizers tend to provide good flavor and vapor production.

Drip Tip: A device designed to let users drip eliquid directly onto the atomizer. The drip tip itself refers to the mouthpiece.

Dry Burn: Firing a coil without a wick saturated in e-liquid to burn off impurities or residue to clean it.

Dry Hit: A draw without a properly saturated wick, usually a sign of running out of juice or the wick not saturating effectively.


EGO: A style of electronic cigarette that uses EGO threading, which is usually featured in pen-style vape devices.

Electronic Cigarette: Also known as an e-cig. A personal vaporiser; a vape device originally designed as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: A package containing everything to get started with vaping—a battery and/or vape device, a cartomiser/atomiser/tank, and a mouthpiece or drip tip.

Eliquid: The flavoured juice that's vaped, usually consisting of a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine.


Flooding: When a tank is overfilled, the vape device produces a gurgling sound and can reduce performance.

Fuse: Some mechanical mods use a specialized fuse to prevent battery failure.

Fused Clapton: A Clapton coil that has two or more wires in the core. Standard Clapton coils only have one wire core.


Heatsink: An implement located below a tank or atomiser that's meant to dissipate heat, allowing for better airflow.

Heat Steeping: The method of placing eliquid in a hot environment to speed up the steeping process.

High Resistance: An atomiser with a higher ohm rating, which allows for greater voltage levels to the coil.

Hot Spot: Spots on the coil that get increased glow and heat which cause dry hits, usually indicating improper or uneven wrapping of  the coil.

High Voltage: A device that operates above the usual 3.7 volts. High voltage devices should not be used with standard batteries due to potential battery failure.

HV Mod: A mod that uses a dual batteries connected in series to allow for greater vaping power.

Hybrid Mod: Tank and mod designed to fit together seamlessly, with the atomiser firing directly off the positive contact of the battery.


ICR: Rechargeable lithium ion cobalt battery.

IMR: Rechargeable lithium ion manganese battery.


Joules: A metric unit of measurement for energy. Temperature control mods use this as a measurement of power.


Kanthal Wire: Type of wire usually sold on spools for rebuildable atomizers, which is available in a variety of gauges and resistances. Kanthal A1 is the most popular grade.

Kick: A device between the battery and a mechanical mod’s spring that allows it to be converted into a variable wattage device. This makes the mechanical mod safer, allowing for adjustment usually between 8W and 15W.

Kick: Also be used to describe throat hit.


Leaking: Happens when eliquid unintentionally runs out the bottom of the tank. This can run down onto the battery and cause a short circuit.

Li-Po: Rechargeable battery made from Lithium Polymer, typically used for internal battery devices.

Li-Ion: Rechargeable lithium ion battery, considered the most versatile and highest quality on the market.


mA: Milliamperes; a unit of measurement for power—1 mA is 0.001 Amps. Often used to denote output of batteries and chargers.

Macro Coil: A large-diameter coil with more surface area compared to a micro coil. Designed to increase vapor production.

mAh: Milliampere-hour; used to denote battery capacity.

Manual Shut-off: Functionality for turning off a vape device manually. Most devices can be turned off by clicking the firing button five times.

Mechanical Mod (Mech Mod): Mech mod for short. An unregulated vape device with no protection circuitry. Composed of a metal tube, a battery, a connector, and a firing button. Due to having no safety features, it requires more thought and care in its build, operation, and maintenance.

Micro Coil: Small diameter coil meant to be wrapped with the wraps touching.

Mod: Originally meant to describe a modification non-vaping related items to be used as a vaporizer. Nowadays, the term is used for any vape device that doesn't resemble cigarettes.

Mouth-to-Lung: MTL for short. A method of vaping that's basically drawing vapor into the mouth first before inhaling into the lungs, much like how a traditional cigarette is smoked.


Nichrome Wire: A type of resistant wire commonly used for a variable wattage/voltage vape devices. It has a lower resistance than Kanthal, so it heats up much faster. However, it’s not as flexible, so it's not as easy to build with.

Nickel Wire: Ni200 for short. A type of wire that was first to be used in temperature control vape devices. It has a low resistance and fast ramp up time. However, it's extremely flexible wire and can lose its shape easily.

Nicotine: Nic for short. This is the main chemical in tobacco that gets smokers hooked. It's added in eliquid to give the same hit as a cigarette, which can help users quit smoking.

Nicotine Level: The amount of nicotine contained in the eliquid, generally measured in either mg/ml or percentage value.

Nicotine Shot: A 10ml bottle of flavourless nicotine which is added to eliquid.

NRT: Nicotine Replacement Therapy. The process of getting a nicotine fix from means other than tobacco. The method of quitting smoking advocated by vaping.


Ohm (Ω): A unit of measure for electrical resistance. A lower resistance coil heats faster and provide increased vapour production.

Organic Cotton: The most commonly used type of wicking material in vaping. Easy to work with and provides great flavor.


Parallel: A type of electrical circuit. In vaping, batteries are placed parallel to each other to increase battery life. This setup can also increases the mAh rating while maintaining the voltage.

Pass-through: A feature on some vape devices that allows vaping while charging.

Pen Style: A style of electronic cigarette that's similar in appearance to a ball point pen.

Personal Vaporiser: PV for short. Another name for electronic cigarette.

Priming: The act of saturating the wick to avoid a dry hit, either by dripping a few drops of e-liquid directly on the coil or taking a draw on the drip tip without firing the coil.

Propylene Glycol: PG for short. One of two liquid bases used in making eliquid. PG provides a throat hit to simulate the feeling of smoking tobacco, and it's also a good carrier of flavor. It’s more common for flavorings and nicotine to have a PG base.

Protected Battery: A type of battery with a small electronic circuit designed to protect it against overcharging, short circuit, over-discharge, and so on. Such batteries are considered safer for vaping.


Rayon: A semi-synthetic fiber made from processed wood pulp that can be used as a wicking material. It's known to be incredibly efficient and is known to produce clean and robust flavor.

Rebuildable Atomiser: RBA for short. A type of atomizer that allows for repeated building of coil and wick onto it. It allows for a more personalized vaping experience and replacement of coils and wick once they're burnt up.

Rebuildable Drip Atomizer: RDA for short. A type of rebuildable atomizer that has no tank for holding eliquid. Eliquid is directly dripped onto the coils and wick to keep it saturated.

Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer: RDTA for short. A combination of an RDA and RTA, wherein the atomizer is located on top of the tank. It allows for direct dripping while also maintaining saturation of the wick by having holes that the wick can be inserted through to the tank to soak up eliquid.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: RTA or tank for short. A rebuildable atomizer with a tank on top to provide eliquid to saturate the wick as long as it holds eliquid. It typically features a filling hole on the top for easy refills.

Resistance: Measured in ohms, it determines the voltage/wattage you can apply to the coil. It has a significant impact on vapor and flavor production.

Resistance Wire: The type of wire commonly used for coils in vaping. It heats up when an electrical current is put through it, which then turns the eliquid into vapor.

Ribbon Wire: A type of wire with a flat cross section that's commonly used in more advanced or exotic coil builds.


Sensor: A feature in some vape devices that detects whether the user is drawing from them, which then tells the device to turn on and heat the eliquid. This allows for a vape device with no need for a firing button.

Series: A type of electrical circuit. In vaping, placing batteries in series increases voltage output, although battery capacity is equal to that of a single battery.

Shortfill: Nicotine-free eliquid. Nicotine shots can be added to it if desired.

Silica: A type of wicking material with a high melting point typically used in stock coils.

Smart Chip: An electronic chip found in high end vaping devices that provides additional features. It allows for a more personalized vaping experience.

Squonk: A type of vape device where eliquid is fed through a tube going straight to the coil from a small squeeze bottle below. This allows for an alternative to dripping. It's also often referred to as a bottom feeder.

Stacking: Using additional batteries to increase the power output.

Stainless Steel Mesh: A type of wicking material that's basically a sheet of mesh rolled into a cable-like wick. This is not recommended for beginners due to the degree of difficulty in its building and use. If built properly, it can provide incredible flavor.

Steeping: The process of improving the flavor of an eliquid with heat, agitation, time, and so on. Shaking the bottle of eliquid is the most basic way of steeping.

Sub-Ohming: The act of vaping with a coil resistance lower than 1 ohm to increase flavor and vapor production.

Sweet Spot: Setup and settings on a vape device that gives the perfect hit.


Tail Piping: The act of dripping directly onto the coil and inhaling the vapor without using a drip tip.

Temperature Control: TC for short. A feature found in many modern regulated vape devices which automatically adjusts voltage/wattage to keep temperature consistent. TC vape devices require  nickel or titanium coils.

Thermal Runaway: An uncontrollable rise in temperature that can result in the battery exploding, caused by short circuit, overcharging, damage to the battery, etc.

Throat Hit: The sensation in the back of the throat felt when vaping eliquid containing PG and/or nicotine.

Tiger Coil: A coil build that uses a single strand of Kanthal with a strand of Ribbon wire wrapped around it. It's an advanced build that makes for really good flavor and vapor production.

Titanium Wire: A type of wire used for temperature control devices with higher resistance compared to other types of wires. It produces great flavor, but also has safety concerns regarding its use.

Tobacco Products Directive: TPD for short. Regulations enacted in May 2017 to restrict sale of all vape related products.

Topping Off: Filling a tank to full capacity.

Triple Coil: Atomizers that use three coils in conjunction. It provides greater flavor and vapor production at the cost of even shorter battery life.

Tube Mod: A cylindrical vaping device, usually referring to the design of many mechanical mods.


USB Charger: A charger that can be plugged directly into a USB power source.

Unprotected Battery: A type of battery that has no form of protection in it. They can be prone to overheating, short circuiting, and overcharging, but they tend to be cheaper.


Vaping: The act of using a personal vaporizer.

Vaper: Someone who vapes.

Vaper’s Tongue: Loss of flavor experienced when a flavor is vaped too often, thus desensitizing the taste buds. This indicates a need to change flavors.

Vapor: The result of eliquid being heated, as well as exhaled after a draw.

Vapor Production: The amount of vapor produced.

Vegetable Glycerin: VG for short. One of the two liquid bases commonly used for making eliquid. VG is thicker, a little sweeter, and creates thicker clouds. However, it doesn't carry flavor as well as PG, but can be mixed with it to create a blend.

Vent Holes: A safety feature found on most vape devices, meant to prevent overheating of the battery.

Venting: Another term for the overheating of a battery.

Vertical Coils: Coils that are placed vertically instead of horizontally. This configuration can potentially improve airflow and add more flavor to the vape as it sits closer to the tip.

Volt: Unit of measurement for the amount of power in an electrical circuit. It factors in with wattage and resistance.

Variable Voltage: VV for short. A feature in vape devices that lets you change the voltage output.

Variable Wattage: VW for short. A feature in vape devices that lets you change the wattage output.


Watt: Unit of measurement for power resulting from the voltage and resistance of a circuit.

Wick: The absorment material placed in direct contact with the coils of an atomizer, serving as the implement which draws and holds eliquid to be vaporized by the heat generated by the coils.

Wicking: The act of preparing and placing the wick into the coils of the atomizer.

Wire: The resistant material used to build a coil for the atomizer.

Wrap: The twist of a coil to make wire useful for vaping. The more wraps there are, the higher the resistance.


18650: The battery size most commonly used for vape devices.

26650: A larger battery size typically used for more advanced personal vaporizers.

510: The most popular style of threading for modern vape devices that’s used to connect the atomizer to the device where the battery resides.

August 19, 2019

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6 Top Summer Eliquids to Try in 2019

When the summer heat arrives for the year, you will want to look for whatever refreshes you and cools you down during the day. The same goes for the eliquids you vape.

There are plenty of choices out there these days for summer eliquids. If you’re looking for eliquids to vape for this summer, here’s a list of the best flavors you can get right now.

Cafe Racer Berry Ice

Perhaps one of our best sellers in summer, the Berry Ice flavor is a great summer flavor for all-day vaping. This is part of our SideCar line of eliquids, which is composed of our sweeter and fruitier flavors.

The Berry ice is a delicious blend of different fresh berries that are thoughtfully balanced, and it’s topped off with a minty cool finish. If we can ever recommend a summer eliquid, this is definitely it.

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☑️A splash💦 of #berryice is what you need to celebrate a fun filled weekend. 😀💨💨💨

A post shared by Cafe Racer Vape (@caferacervape) on

Cafe Racer Cool Bastard

One of our award-winning flavors, the Cool Bastard is a menthol tobacco eliquid that never fails to satisfy. It delivers a rich and creamy Virginia tobacco with a crisp mint finish.

This is the coolest tobacco flavor you can find anywhere, so this is a really good summer flavor for those who like their tobacco. This eliquid flavor stays true to its name, making it a must-try this summer.

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✔The icy cool finish on our award-winning🏆 tobacco flavor profile refreshes so you can face the weekend with sufficient zing! #coolbastard 😀💨💨💨

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Cafe Racer Peach Guzzi

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Need a refreshing eliquid? #peachguzzi is what you’re looking for. An award-winning blend of crisp peach and sweet blueberries drizzled in a vanilla custard with green tea undertones

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One of our award-winning flavors, Peach Guzzi is a blend of crisp peach and sweet blueberries drizzled in a vanilla custard, and topped off with green tea undertones.

This is a dessert juice that doesn’t taste too heavy, thanks to the bright peach flavor. You can vape this juice all day and continue to discover a myriad of flavors in this sophisticated eliquid.

Cafe Racer Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice

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☑️Out of this world combination! . . Try our #nicsalt starter kit and get a @mionevape and one 30ML salty bastard eliquid of your choice. . #saltybastardtangerine | #saltybastardtobacco | #saltybastardtobaccoice 😀💨💨💨

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The Salty Bastard line is our selection of nicotine salt eliquids. If you’re a pod user, then you can still get something to cool you down from Cafe Racer with the Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice.

It’s similar to our Cool Bastard but in nicotine salt form. It’s the same creamy Virginia tobacco with mint, but with more of a nicotine kick as well. You can satisfy your cravings in the summer while still getting that relief from the summer heat.

Cafe Racer Salty Bastard Tangerine

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☑️A tantalizing blend of oranges and tangerine makes up this refreshing #nicsalt eliquid! . . Try it out for 18.95USD for a 30ML bottle for either a 25mg or 40mg nic level. 😀💨💨💨

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If you’re a pod user who wants more of a fruity nicotine salt eliquid, then the Salty Bastard Tangerine should fit the bill for your summer.

It’s a zesty blend of natural tangerines and oranges, giving you that citrus bite with a good bit of sweetness. Vaping this is like taking a big swig of juice to quench your thirst.

August 19, 2019


How Long Does Vape eLliquid Last?

If you have been vaping long enough, you’ll notice that your favorite bottle of vape eliquid tends to last you either for a good while or run out before you even know it. So how long does vape eliquid last?

It’s not an exact science, but by understanding the factors involved, you may figure out how long a bottle of vape eliquid will last you the next time you go shopping for one.

Shelf Life of Vape Eliquid

First off, let’s get the topic of vape eliquid shelf life out of the way.

If the eliquid is kept in the bottle, properly sealed, and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place like a drawer or cabinet, it should last up to 2 years before it’s effectively expired. 

However, that’s not a be-all-end-all rule of thumb. You can say your eliquid has expired if it has changed color and viscosity, and started to smell bad. If you do vape it, you’ll notice a loss in flavor and nicotine, as well as a lack of vapor.

Sunlight and heat are the enemies of keeping eLiquid in top shape.  Sunlight oxidizes nicotine which turns eLiquid a dark color and eventually black. This is not a good sign and once this happens we would recommend discarding the eLiquid in this state. 

It takes even less time to oxidize when it’s sitting in your tank or atomizer. Since it’s more exposed to the air, it will start to oxidize.

It may change color after a day or two, but that’s not a cause for concern right away. But if it does start tasting different or has lost its flavor, that means it had been sitting there for too long.

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Relax and take a break from a hectic day with our award-winning flavors! . #lucky13 – The classic RY4 on a whole new level. #coolbastard – Crisp notes of Virginia tobacco, caramel and vanilla with a cool mint finish. . #luckybastard – Our take on the classic RY4 but with double the flavor of Virginia tobacco, caramel and vanilla.

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Vaping Frequency

This is the first and most important factor to consider. No matter what device you use and what kind of eliquid you have, your vaping habits make the most impact.

Naturally, if you don’t vape that much, just taking a puff every now and then during your free time, then you won’t go through a bottle that quickly. But if you tend to vape all day, then you will go through it much faster.

This is a variable, and it affects how vape eliquid lasts the most. Meanwhile, your constants are what you use to vape it with.

Type of Vape Device Used

The type of atomizer, coil, airflow, and system all factor into how quickly you go through a full bottle of eliquid.

A sub-ohm tank tends to use a lot of power, which makes for lots of vapor production and tons of flavor. That also means it goes through a lot more eliquid with every hit.

It also depends on how much power you’re using on your device. An average vaper who uses 50 to 100W on their device can go through a 60ml bottle of eliquid anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 or 4 days. 

Pod systems consume less power, so it uses up less eliquid with every hit. It also depends on whether it’s an open pod system or a closed pod system. 

Since open pod systems are used to vape nic salt eliquid, you typically get them in 30ml bottles. With typical use, an open pod system can go through it in around 10 to 18 days, which is just over two weeks at most.

Closed pod systems come with pods that are not refillable, and they vary according to the manufacturer. For instance, a Juul uses a 0.7ml pod, while our Cafe Racer Motto uses a 1.8ml pod. Therefore, this can’t be an apples-to-apples comparison.

The usual with closed pods is you can go through a pod in 1 to 3 days, depending on the capacity and your vaping habits. It’s good to have extra pods with you if you know you’ll run out soon.


Make sure before getting a bottle of new eliquid that you’ll be able to vape it soon. It can be tempting to get all the eliquids you fancy when you see them, but do err on the side of caution and think first of whether you will be able to finish that bottle soon enough.

By vaping similar bottles of vape eliquid in the same devices for a period of time, you can determine for yourself how long they will last you. But if you go on to explore other brands and flavors and use other devices, you may find that things are different for those.

Plan ahead and know how long a bottle will last you before you order your next bottle of vape eliquid so you don’t waste your money and end up with a bottle that goes off on you.

June 28, 2019

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The Top 10 Vape Brands to Follow on Instagram in 2019

The Internet is the biggest proliferator of vaping information, hype and reviews. 

One of the biggest online channels for vaping is Instagram, where high-quality photos and videos of vaping are posted regularly.

If you’re looking to follow vaping more on Instagram, here are the top vape brands to follow in 2019.


Based in California, PHIX provides vape pens, pods, accessories, and juices. Their products are designed to look sleek and suitable for both casual and formal settings. That makes them great fodder for Instagram, which certainly helps their company.

PHIX has over 31,000 followers on Instagram as of this writing. Their posts showcase PHIX as a vaping lifestyle brand that’s aesthetic and fit for enthusiasts.

One Hit Wonder (USA)

Los Angeles-based One Hit Wonder boasts high-quality eliquid made with nothing but the finest ingredients while still being affordable to all vapers. They started with their Muffin Man product line and now has 7 additional flavors.

Their eliquids have interesting packaging, which you can see for yourself in their Instagram page. With almost 93,000 followers, it does seem like there are plenty of people who enjoy vaping One Hit Wonder.

BO (France)

This French company makes some of the most elegant electronic cigarettes you will ever feast your eyes on, and they’re perfect for Instagram. They have some of the most intricate designs with the finest details on their BO Infinite, and you can see it on their many Instagram posts.

There are also some with metallic finishes, which they showcase with thoughtful execution. They also have simpler and more casual designs, which are also quite pretty.

Their presence in Instagram accentuate their main strength of aesthetic design. At the moment, they have almost 6,400 followers, and they deserve more.

SMOK (China)

One of the vape powerhouses, SMOK has been releasing amazing products since day one. They’re known for both their vape mods and atomizers, which are all known for their quality and innovative design. They also have starter kits that are also gaining traction.

The SMOK Instagram page showcases their products with a mix of beautiful photography and infographics that give more insight into their products. Now nearing 600,000 followers, their popularity is certainly well-deserved.

Suorin (China)

This is one of the top brands in the world when it comes to open system pod mods.  Suorin claims to be the leader in open pod systems, and it’s hard to argue their track record. Their different product lines featuring portable pods that make vaping more accessible to just about everyone.

Their pod designs are aesthetically pleasing, and it shows in their Instagram profile. They push forth their products as classy and contemporary through their posts.

Dinner Lady (UK)

If you’re looking for a more colorful vape brand, look no further than Dinner Lady. Based in the UK, this company features a great variety of eliquid of different flavors and styles, making for a cornucopia of color and taste.

Their Instagram page is all about pizzazz, with tons of colorful posts featuring all the fruity flavors that Dinner Lady offers. They’re just about to reach 5,000 followers right now, and they should get more.

Riot Squad (UK)

The bottles look like rifle bullets, but they’re in bright colors, so they look more like crayons. That description can sum up Riot Squad from the UK and their products. They slam together punk and rave cultures to come up with a heady mix of neon and edge.

Their image is immediately obvious upon seeing their Instagram page. Boasting distribution in 58 countries with multiple awards for their flavors, Riot Squad is a brand you should have on your vape radar.

Nasty (Malaysia)

All the way from Malaysia is Nasty Vapes, a bold name for a bold brand. You can see from their Instagram profile an in-your-face style and attitude. They’re all about sharp and ostentatious designs, bold colors, and striking imagery.

Their Instagram page is a celebration of all things vaping, and the products they carry are some of the best known names in the industry. Even if you’re not in Malaysia, you can still get something out of their regular posts.

Naked 100 (USA)

When you first look at the Instagram page of Naked 100, you can immediately notice a theme. Their posts tend to have a calmer and more subdued tone, and their style is calmer and cleaner. Naked 100 is straightforward with its advocacy of responsible vaping and elimination of tobacco.

This is a proactive Instagram page for those who feel passionate about vaping and quitting tobacco. Their branding is clean and light, and their image is all for a more general audience. With over 102,000 followers, it seems like they’re pulling it off.

Beard Vape Co. (USA)

As the name suggests, Beard Vape Co. is all about the manliness in the vaping space. Their juices all have that distinctive bearded man logo that’s sure to attract a certain crowd, but they do feature women enjoying their products as well every now and then.

Beard Vape Co. puts forth a vaping lifestyle that’s all about adding more flavor and dimension to your daily vaping experience. With almost 70,000 followers on Instagram, they attract a loyal following that adds much to the brand.

Cafe Racer / Motto (USA)

Our own Instagram page is close to reaching 50,000 followers as of this writing, and for good reason. We regularly post photos and stories of our products and how they can be a part of your vaping lifestyle.

In addition to our eliquids, we also showcase our Motto vape pod on our Instagram page. It also shows how our products are for people who are either on the road or just kicking back.

We also attend expos, do giveaways, and regularly update our blog, and you can get wind of all of that if you tune in and follow our Instagram page.

June 28, 2019


Pod Mods vs. Vape Mods - What are the Differences?

Vaping has grown significantly and taken the world by storm over recent years, and more products have popped up in the market. With advancements in vaping technology, there are now two main types of vaping devices, which are pod mods and vape mods.

Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide where you should go next in your vaping journey. If you’re a vaping novice looking to understand the difference between a pod mod and a vape mod, then this guide should help you with the basics.

What Are the Differences Between Vape Mod and Pod Mod?

The most important distinction that you can see right away is the size. Both form factors are designed to fit the hand, but pod mods are also meant to fit in the pocket as well.

Vape mods nowadays are mostly designed for sub-ohm vaping, using eliquid with freebase nicotine with a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content. It does mean the clouds produced by vape mods tend to be thicker and more voluminous.  Vape mods also use open system tanks that you need to refill (often). For more on sub ohm vaping - check out an earlier article we did on this topic 

Photo Credit: www.vaping360.com

Pod mods are best used with nicotine salt eliquids, which come in higher nicotine strengths. That means pod mods are not as high-powered as vape mods and don't use sub-ohm coils, thus manufacturers are able to make them much more compact due to not needing that big of a battery.

Take note that it's not advisable to use nic salts with a sub-ohm vape mod as it would deliver too much nicotine way too fast, thus resulting in adverse side effects.

Pod Mods are Ideal for People Trying to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Pod mods with nic salt eliquids are ideal for people trying to make the switch from smoking with vaping. While vape mods can be used for the same purpose, pod mods tend to be more inexpensive and the use of nicotine salts make for more effective and satisfying and better correspond with the same nicotine satisfaction of cigarette smoking.

Also, freebase nicotine eliquids used with conventional vape mods tend to not be as effective in delivering that level of nicotine without taking several hits. Combined with how thick the clouds from vape mods can be, especially with higher VG eliquids, and how much larger vape mods usually are, it may not be ideal to use vape mods in most cases, especially in public.


Vape Mods for People Getting Serious with Vaping

Many vapers can go on without getting into vape mods these days, unlike the olden days when they were the only viable option. Before, if you vaped to quit smoking and those little vape pens were unable to give you the same satisfaction as a cigarette, you had to switch over to a larger vape mod. But now with pod mods with nic salt eliquids, there’s no need to do that.

What vape mods are good for is being able to try out different devices, different atomizers, and different eliquid flavors. Since they’ve been around longer, you get a lot more variety of choices and can build your own device. They can even be collectible, so you can have more than one device with multiple tanks if you really get into vaping as a hobby.

Nowadays, vape mods are more for hobbyists who become deeply interested in vaping. It’s not to say you can’t use vape mods casually as plenty of vapers out there still do. But now that there are lots of excellent pod mods out there, those who don’t want to buy a full vape mod now have the choice not to.

May 15, 2019


What Are the Best Refillable Pod Mods for 2019?

Vaping has been evolving at a dizzying pace, especially since the first sub-ohm devices hit the market in 2013.  The latest wave of product development is towards smaller, sleeker, easier to use devices that us pods vs tanks, feature easy to use batteries and offer a more discreet experience free from big clouds of vapor.

While a lot of pod mods out there feature mostly pre-filled pods that get tossed out once they’re used up, there are now plenty of top-notch refillable systems you can top up easily with your own eliquid. Here are some of our favorites right now


Lost Vape Orion Q


Every once in a while, a product comes along that completely takes the vape market by storm.  The Lost Vape Orion Q system hit the market a few months ago and has quickly risen to the top of our list of open system pod mods for 2019.

One of the biggest reasons for this is flavor.  The Lost  Vape Orion Q delivers amazing flavor that almost brings you back to a subohm tank level.    You are able to use it as a MTL (mouth to lung)  or DTL (mouth to lung or direct to lung) pod system.  You can easily get away with 20 or  25MG nicotine salts or even 12MG freebase nicotine eLiquids in this bad boy. 

It has several great features, including a 950 internal battery, 17 watt output, and a high-performance chipset. The Orion Q comes with an innovative refillable pod, which features a 2mL capacity, adjustable airflow, and a pre-soaked wick to prevent initial dry hits. Not only is the Orion quite capable it also has a unique and sturdy appearance, featuring a sleek metallic frame and a carbon fiber finish. Whether you enjoy high-wattage vaping or low-wattage MTL vaping the Orion Q device accommodates in a luxurious fashion!

With adjustable airflow, you will find that you can vape either wide open directly to your lung, or tight for a mouth to lung experience. Filling thhe pod is easy, just twist off the cap found next to the proprietary drip tip to find a wide-open fill port. You can fit a glass dropper or your chubby bottle tip perfectly and avoid potential drippage to the outside of your Orion Q Pod system.

Another great feature of the Lost Vape Orion Q  is the easy slide off button when you are ready to change the pod.  You can hold it like a handheld radio and slide down to lift off the cartridge, then simply snap the new one on with ease!


Another fairly new entree to the open system pod market is the SMOK Nord. 

SMOK came out with a pod with both 1.4 ohm coils for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and 0.6 ohm mesh coils for direct lung vaping. This starter kit gives users the best of both worlds of MTL and direct lung vaping in one small and sleek package.

The SMOK Nord comes in one of six cobra-patterned colors, a 1100 mAh battery, and 3 mL pods. It puts out 10-15 watts, which is not bad at all for a pod mod.

The Nord is currently offered in 13 different colors, featuring a cobra pattern or resin-style design.

Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

The Mi Pod by Smoking Vapor was a total game changer in 2018. A stylish pod mod available in a variety of colors and style, the Mi-Pod has auto-draw activation for a simple and foolproof vaping experience. If features a refillable 2 mL pods for nicsalt eliquids

The pods have a resistance of 1.3 ohms, which is good for nicsalts. It also has a 10-second cut-off time, short circuit protection, overheat protection, low resistance protection, and many other safety features as well.

All of that is powered with an integrated 950 mAh high-drain lithium battery that should last a whole day or more with moderate use.

Fortunately, Cafe Racer has a Mi-Pod Salty Bastard Starter Pack that includes a Mi-Pod and a choice of Salty Bastard flavors, whether it’s Tobacco, Tobacco Ice, or Tangerine.


Innokin EQ

This refillable pod mod is for fans of MTL vaping. The Innokin EQ provides a tight draw and good flavor, employing Plexus technology that helps with the  longevity of the integrated coil. Plexus means it uses a grid instead of a wire, which makes for better flavor and throat hit.

The matte finish makes sure your hand doesn't leave fingerprint marks on the body of the device and gives you a secure grip.

You can also change between 13.5 and 15.5 watts by holding the fire button while the device is off. It shows a light when it has been changed—white for 13.5W and red for 15.5W.

SMOK Infinix

This one is a sleek-looking refillable pod mod that is leak-free and gives a veyr tight draw that's automatic. It has a diamond-shaped body design that fits in the hand and has a mouthpiece that should fit the lips perfectly.

The SMOK Infinix has one of the fastest charge times out of all pod mods in the market, going from empty to fully charged in just under half an hour. It also supports passthrough charging so you need not fret when you need to charge it back up in a pinch.

Kwit Stick

The creatively-named Kwit Stick is a lightweight pod mod that supports both pre-filled and refillable 1 mL pods. It's best for beginners who have just gotten into vaping and want an inexpensive and easy-to-use device to get started.

It's very small, so the battery isn't that big. However, it can be fully charged within 20 minutes and can go up to 100 puffs per charge. The Kwit Stick is best for those who tend to vape every now and then.

It gives a warm vape with a loose draw, and it provides a throat hit similar to a cigarette, hence the name.

Bonus Tip: Cafe Racer Motto

If you happen to be looking for a pre-filled alternative, then look no further than our own Cafe Racer Motto. The starter kit is available with pod packs in Virginia Tobacco, Tangerine Ice, Kick Ass Mint, Tropical Tea, Bourbon Tobacco, and Berry Ice flavors.

You can get a Motto Starter Kit with a 3-Pod Multi-pack for just $39.95.

May 15, 2019


Cafe Racer Vape's New Eliquid Flavor: Daily Grind

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverage in the world (after Tea).  Besides being a way to kick start your day in the morning or overcome food coma after a big lunch, coffee is a flavor loved by almost everyone around the world. 

Whether it’s served hot or cold, people enjoy their coffee because it boosts their energy, it helps them relax, and most importantly, coffee flavors are incredible!

One of the most popular flavors to enhance coffee is French Vanilla.

We have been experimenting with different coffee flavors for a long time.  Afterall, our company is called Cafe Racer!  Coffee is one of the harder flavors to recreate in a vapor experience, as most extracts don't come close to replicating the flavor and many give a slight burnt taste.    After years of testing, we are happy to announce the release of our long awaited coffee flavor - Daily Grind: A French Vanilla Latte.

Introducing the newest Café Racer Eliquid flavour: the Daily Grind!



Daily Grind is a perfect blend of French Vanilla, Coffee and Cream.   

It is a little known fact that French Vanilla is not a vanilla flavor at all, but a term used to describe the French method of making ice cream using egg yolks, cream, and vanilla pods. The unique flavor and aroma came to be called French Vanilla by flavoring companies and has been in use ever since. Our French Vanilla Latte flavored Daily Grind eLiiquid captures these special qualities combined with some hazelnut and butterscotch and of course, freshly roasted coffee beans. 



Now available on our website: CLICK HERE 


April 19, 2019


Beginner's Guide to Menthol Eliquids

Image result for menthol and ice eliquids

Many people new to vaping tend to come from smoking, and they usually transition to something familiar. That boils down to one of two things—tobacco and menthol.

Whether you’re a vaping novice or just never vaped menthol eliquids before, this short guide shall introduce you to the wonderful world of coolness that is the menthol eliquid.

Difference Between Mint and Menthol

First off, let’s get the difference between the terms “mint” and “menthol” out of the way. Those two words get tossed around a lot, and it can get confusing as to what’s meant when something is said to be mint or menthol. Most would just think of them as similar, meant to simply convey their cooling effects.

The simplest way to distinguish them is that “mint” is a flavor and “menthol” is a sensation. There are a lot of different mint eliquids, including flavors like peppermint and spearmint. These mint flavors are meant to be enjoyed as they are, with their cooling effects maximized.

Then there are plenty of eliquids out there that are labeled as “mentholated,” which means they have menthol added to them to give them an enhancement. They’re best mixed with tobacco, fruit, or candy flavors, but it’s not uncommon to find menthol in other types of eliquid flavors as well.

A more modern term for mentholated is ICE.   This also is not a mint flavor but a cooling sensation.  

Is Menthol Best for You?

There are people out there who don’t like menthol. They find it to be too strong. They’re not weird for not liking it, just like how there are plenty of people who don’t like spicy food.

For those who do find the intense cooling sensation of menthol to be quite pleasant, then menthol eliquids are definitely for them. It may either be a lifelong preference or an acquired taste, but it's always a good thing to try it out at first before you decide on whether you do like it or not.

The menthol effect can be felt in a number of ways, either on the tongue, around the mouth, in the nose, in the throat, or any combination of the above. You may just want that taste of cool tartness or you actually like the sinus-clearing sort of menthol that soothes the throat and the senses.

Combining Menthol with Other Flavors

Finding that right menthol eliquid with the right effect at the right strength can be a daunting task. However, you can also find a pure menthol eliquid you like and mix it in the tank with your favorite flavors eliquid and try it out.

Don’t add a lot of it right away. Mix your menthol eliquid in a little bit at a time and take note of how much is already in there until you hit the sweet spot for that particular flavor and setting on your vape device. You should then be able to replicate that mix as you like.

Soon enough, you should be able to figure out which flavors work best for you with menthol. The cool menthol flavor could be the one thing you’ve been missing in your vaping, and it can bring a whole new dimension to flavors you already enjoy.

CafeRacer Menthol Eliquids

We here in CafeRacer have our Salty Bastard line, which includes the Tobacco Ice, which caters nicely to former smokers who also like menthol.

Then in our SideCar line, we have the Berry Ice, which is a delicious blend of fresh berries that’s topped off with an icy cool finish.

There’s also the Cool Bastard, which is rich and creamy Virginia tobacco with a crisp mint finish.

April 19, 2019


When to Use Nic Salts Vs Freebase

When to Use Nic Salts Vs Freebase

The variety of offerings with vaping can be a bit overwhelming. While it’s great to have a smorgasbord of options for anyone looking to get into make the switch from smoking to vaping, it can also be intimidating at first. Being spoiled for choice brings about a steep learning curve that many find too much of a hassle to deal with.

One of the things that make it more confusing is the difference between freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. The distinction is an important one as it can affect how you vape and what you vape with.

What is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase Nicotine is what has been used in most vaping products up until 2015 - when Juul introduced their pod mod featuring nicotine salts. 

Nicotine in tobacco leaves take the form of a salt in its natural state. Ammonia is used to remove protons from the nicotine salts to increase its pH level, thus making it more basic and putting it in a deprotonated or freebase state. It's then dissolved in a liquid base to create freebase nicotine as we know it.

Until recently, freebase nicotine had been the only available type of nicotine that could be added to eliquids. While most vapers enjoy freebase nicotine, it does have its drawbacks. For instance, nicotine levels can't be too high (6 MG for most using a Sub Ohm tank) otherwise causing a harsh and intense of a throat hit.

For many heavy smokers who turned to vaping to quit tobacco, this makes freebase nicotine not enough to satisfy their cravings.

The other major difference is that freebase nicotine takes longer to enter the blood stream than using Nicotine Salts. 

What are Nicotine Salts?

In the quest to better replicate the feel of smoking a cigarette, people found that their aim was simply to deliver more nicotine while still having a smooth throat hit. They soon came up with nicotine salts, which is closer to nicotine in its natural state.

Instead of bringing up its pH level to make it freebase, scientists went with the other way around. Dropping the nicotine's pH level, thus making acidic, produced the effect of making it less harsh. Once they're able to determine a way to make this form of nicotine safe to consume, it became the nicotine salts we know today.

The answer they were looking for was the addition of benzoic acid to make the nicotine smoother. The resulting nicotine salts deliver a satisfying throat hit along with potentially higher nicotine intake, which makes it perfect for former smokers looking to kick their cigarette habit.

Which is Best?

For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with vaping freebase nicotine eliquids as it can still deliver the desired nicotine.   But if you do need a lot of it, you’ll have to vape more in each sitting. Perhaps that’s your preferred method anyway as you can enjoy your choice of flavor while sitting back and puffing away.

The good thing with freebase nicotine is that you can get devices with higher power output, which can vaporize more eliquid with one hit, so you can still get that relatively satisfying amount of nicotine in a relatively short period of time. Of course, you can only go so high with wattage and temperature before you get diminishing returns.

It does mean each hit from freebase nicotine doesn’t deliver as much nicotine as one hit of nicotine salt can. For a lot of vapers, especially former heavy smokers, this is important as their bodies want to be able to get that satisfaction of smoking within a relatively short period of time, somewhat analogous to the smoking experience. 

Due to typically higher nicotine levels involved, nicotine salts are not usually meant for the powerful (subohm) devices used to vape eliquids with freebase nicotine.  For nic salts, smaller less powerful devices are used, which are also more discreet, more compact, and easier to use.  Click the following links to read our previous articles on MTL Pod Mods  as well as closed system pod devices 

There’s nothing keeping you from vaping both.  Many people use their more powerful sub ohm devices at home and have a "pod mod" for nicotine salts when they are out and about.     

March 13, 2019


Cafe Racer Motto Starter Kit & Tobacco E-Liquid Giveaway

Want to take your vaping to the next level? 

Enter for your chance to Win a Motto Starter Kit and 2 Pod Packs + 3 60mls of Tobacco Eliquid from Cafe Racer!

motto by CafeRacer was created to provide a premium disposable pod system that is simple, satisfying and provides the best flavor experience possible. this closed system pod mod is small, compact, and efficient for fulfilling all of your needs in a sleek and discrete manner. 

How to Win:

Enter your details below to qualify and be entered to win! 

  • To be eligible for this giveaway, you must be a US resident and above 18 years old!
  • You need to complete any or all of the action steps below!
  • The first action step is mandatory in order to be entered into the giveaway.
  • Note: Every action completed carries a point:
  • The more points you gather, the greater chances of winning! 
  • Winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway



1. GRAND PRIZE: Motto Starter Kit + 2 Packs of Pods + 3x 60ml of Tobacco E-liquid (Cool Bastard, Lucky Bastard, Lucky 13)
2. SECOND PRIZE: 2 x 60ml of your choice
3. THIRD PRIZE: 1 x 60ml of your choice

  • Contest Period: March 14 - April 14, 2019
  • Announcement of Winners: April 19, 2019

    Good luck, racers! 

    February 25, 2019


    Top 8 Vaping Blogs of 2019

    Top Vape Blogs 2019


    If you’ve just started getting into vaping, you’re in for an amazing journey. There’s much to explore in the world of vaping, yet you can also stick to something you like and not have to venture further. Whatever you choose to do with vaping, it doesn’t hurt to have resources to learn from.

    As far as vaping resources go, it usually involves blogs. There are a lot of great vaping blogs out there, and here are some of the best that you should look at for 2019

    Vaping Daily


    The “daily” in the name has to mean that it’s a blog that has the latest in vaping news, guides, and other information. Vaping Daily is a high-quality blog that provide vapers with up-to-date information, whether they’re beginners or long-time vapers.

    Steve K’s Vaping World


    As you can see from the name, it’s run by one guy who’s incredibly passionate about vaping. Steve K is a respected figure in the vaping world and his commitment to educating people on various aspects of vaping. He gives his take on vaping news, does product reviews, and provide insight into the world of vaping as a whole.

    Vaping Underground


    While it’s mostly a forum for vapers, the content in it generated by thousands of its users is full of resources that people getting into vaping can find useful. Content from tips and tricks to comprehensive beginner’s guides are all over Vaping Underground.

    As it’s a forum, you also get to read discussions regarding various aspects of vaping, from etiquette and how-to tutorials on how to build and maintain your vaping devices, to the medical and legal side of things.

    Vapor Vanity


    This blog is another high-quality website for vaping news and product reviews. Vapor Vanity also has an email newsletter that sends new articles straight to subscribers. If you’re looking for information regarding the best and latest in mods, tanks, eliquids, and so on, then this is the blog to visit.



    As one of the largest and most popular vaping blogs out there, Vapor4Life doesn’t only have news and guides among its content. It also has some more opinionated articles, commenting on both politics and personal experiences, making it more of a leisurely read for vapers. If you want to get a better handle of the vaping lifestyle and community, this is the place to be.

    The Vaping Militia


    As its name suggests, the Vaping Militia blog is not above featuring articles that court some controversy. But apart from being a blog that seeks to raise a few eyebrows with its content, it’s also a solid online resource for vaping novices and veterans alike. It does tend to feature clickbait headlines for its articles, but you can’t deny their content is indeed highly engaging.



    For former smokers out there who got into vaping to quit the habit, this blog may be the best for them. Run by an ex-smoker from Ohio who got into vaporizers in the early days, you can learn a lot from both his experience and his historical knowledge of vaping. VapingLinks has been there for a long time, and it has carved out its right place in the vaping world over that time.

    and one more for good measure 

    Cafe Racer Blog


    Of course, you should visit our own blog for updates. Not only do we have some of the best eliquid in the market, but we also have up-to-date information on whatever is going on in the vaping world. You can definitely look forward to a lot more from our blog in 2019.


    February 19, 2019


    MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vs DL (Direct Lung): What are the differences?

    When people first get into vaping, they tend to get inundated with the variety of options with devices, eliquids, and styles of vaping. What tends to get overlooked is the method of vaping they should go for, especially when considering their previous experiences like smoking.

    The terms MTL and DL vaping tend to get thrown around, with different devices being marketed as more ideal for either one of them. If you’re not familiar with what they are, then here’s a basic guide on the difference between mouth-to-lung and direct lung vaping.

    MTL (Mouth-to-Lung)

    This is the method most smokers are accustomed to. As the name suggests, mouth-to-lung inhaling has you take in the vapor into your mouth and holding it there first, then inhaling what's in your mouth into your lungs, and then exhaling.

    This method lets you taste the vapor as much as possible before you take it into your lungs. It's a more deliberate method, which most tobacco smokers should be familiar with.

    You take a smooth and steady drag into the mouth and hold it in for a second or two before proceeding to inhale into the lungs before exhaling. With vapes, you take a longer drag than what you're used to with cigarettes.

    MTL vapers tend to gravitate towards eliquids with high propylene glycol (PG) ratio. PG eliquids give a more satisfactory throat hit and is good for devices designed for MTL vaping. Eliquids with 50:50 VG:PG ratio is seen as ideal.

    DL (Direct Lung)

    Direct lung inhaling, also known as straight-to-lung inhaling, is just like taking a deep breath, but the only difference is you're pursing your lips as you draw from the vape.

    It's a more natural method that doesn't take much practice to master, but most beginners may find it daunting as they would think they'll cough immediately afterward. This method is less practiced by tobacco smokers due to this reason.

    This is done best with devices that have adjustable or fully open airflow. DL vaping is more airy and requires you to take a long, smooth, and steady draw into the lungs, as if you're breathing.

    DL vapers tend to prefer eliquids with a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio as it gives a smoother vape with thicker vapor and much less throat hit. Eliquids with 70:30 or even 80:20 VG:PG ratio are ideal for DTL.

    Which Should You Go For?

    For most new vapers, MTL inhaling is what they're comfortable with at the start. Vape devices with tighter draw and eliquids with higher nicotine levels are made for MTL vaping, and many enjoy the throat hit that comes with it.

    Former smokers tend to go for MTL as they're familiar with it from tobacco smoking. DL inhaling is a lot more intense, so beginners may find that it makes them cough.

    MTL vaping generally lets you savor the flavor of your eliquid since you hold the vapor in your mouth first. It also adds less air to the vapor, thus maintaining the intensity of flavor.

    DL vaping is better for people who cloud chase—blowing big clouds of vapor. It also opens the door to more intense vaping experiences. A lot of vapers who start out with MTL then move on to DL vaping as they continue their vaping journey.

    However, there's nothing wrong with sticking with MTL vaping. Whichever method you stick with depends on what in particular you enjoy about vaping. What's important is you find out what you like best and get the most out of it.

    February 19, 2019


    Why is Your Vape Device Popping and Crackling?

    One of the things that catch new vapers off guard on their first month or so of vaping is the noises that devices make whenever they draw. There's the sound of air and vapor being inhaled, which is to be expected.

    Then there are times when it pops, crackles, and hisses for some reason. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen, and it can happen more often for some people with some devices or setups more than others.

    If you’ve been wondering why your vape is making all these different noises that may alarm you, then here’s a primer on the popping and crackling sounds coming from your vape.

    How is Eliquid Turned into Vapor?

    To properly understand why those sounds tend to come up, we must first get into how eliquid is turned into vapor—the most fundamental mechanism of vaping.

    For most vape devices, eliquid is dripped or channeled to the cotton wick, which brings it to the coil. When you press the button, electricity from the battery flows through the coil and the resistance from the coil wire produces heat, which then heats up the eliquid and vaporizes it. You then draw in the vapor, which is basically how vaping works.

    There are times when the process of vaporizing the eliquid produces some noises since it's essentially heating up a liquid. It's like when you throw water onto a hot pan on the stove, which produces the same kind of noise.


    What Causes the Popping and Crackling?

    Some crackling and popping is normal and shouldn't really be a cause for concern. Different devices yield different levels of sound. It also depends on how you vape and how long you keep the button pressed (assuming your device has a button) 

    The longer you press it, the more chances that you’re heating up all the liquid available at the moment on the wick and you may start actually burning the wick itself. Burning the wick will give you that nasty “burnt hit” that tastes really bad and sticks to the back of your throat.

    It tends to happen more with sub-Ohm coils, usually due to more eliquid building up compared to what's being vaped. That excess eliquid pops and crackles as it's being heated, with some of it not immediately turning into vapor.


    What Can You Do About It?

    If it tends to happen for you consistently, then you may want to address how the eliquid is being channeled to the wick and find a way to limit it. It may also be the wattage or voltage needing to be increased to heat the eliquid more completely.

    You may also just need to change your way of vaping just a bit, like drawing a bit longer at the correct wattage to make sure that all of the eliquid is being turned into vapor when you hold down the button.

    If it still happens way too much, then you may want to change your wick or coils. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you may want to try a different tank or atomizer.

    Thinner eLiquids are going to be more likely to flood the atomizer, which can also cause more pronounced popping and spitting noises.  This is much more likely to happen with high PG eLiquids. 

    January 11, 2019


    Naturally Extracted Tobacco vs Synthetic Tobacco eLiquids

    Many eLiquids use synthetic tobacco flavorings produced in a laboratory. These types of flavors have their place in the market and in eLiquids, but in our opinion, they fail to capture the true essence of tobacco flavors and the many available varieties. Getting the right tobacco eLiquid for you starts with understanding the difference between naturally extracted tobacco and synthetic tobacco.

    What is Naturally Extracted Tobacco Eliquid?

    Naturally extracted tobacco (NET) eLiquids are exactly as labeled. The tobacco flavor is taken from a real tobacco plant, which is chopped up and steeped in the eLiquid base (PG and VG) in a process called cold maceration.

    Hot maceration involves adding heat to speed up the steeping, which makes the process faster. Cold maceration is simply letting it steep without any heat, which is much slower but draws out more nuance and complexity in flavor.

    NET eLiquids provide the most amount of fresh tobacco flavor, even compared to traditional tobacco products. That’s because some of the flavor compounds in the tobacco are lost from combustion. You’ll be able to taste the specific character of the plant that tobacco came from.

    What is Synthetic Tobacco Eliquid?

    Most tobacco-flavored eliquid brands use synthetic tobacco flavoring that’s made in a laboratory. Being able to synthesize that tobacco flavor can help with mass production, thus bringing tobacco eliquids to the market more easily and cheaper. 

    The disadvantage here is that synthetic tobacco flavors don't really provide true essence of tobacco. Synthetic tobacco eliquid simply has chemical compounds that closely resemble natural tobacco flavor compounds, thus mimicking the taste of tobacco, or at least the closest simulate of it. Synthetic tobacco flavors also tend to be harsh and have a chemical after taste and have a pretty well deserved bad rap. 

    Cafe Racer Vape Uses Only Naturally Extracted Tobacco  in our Award-Winning Tobacco Flavors

    Cafe Racer’s award-winning tobacco flavors, including Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard and Cool Bastard as well as our Nic Salts line of Salty Bastard Tobacco and Tobacco Ice stand out for their smooth and distinctive flavor profiles.   One of the main reasons for this is that we use a proprietary extract from real tobacco leaves to produce real tobacco taste without the harshness, bitterness and often chemical flavor of most tobacco eLiquids on the market.  We encourage you to try one of our NET tobacco flavors available at www.caferacervape.com 




    January 10, 2019

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    Best MTL Tanks You Need to Try in 2019

    There are two ways to vape, which are direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL). MTL is more familiar to current/former cigarette smokers. They are typically used with high-strength nicotine eLiquids and Nic Salts.  You don’t have to be a transitioning smoker to enjoy a nice mouth to lung style vape. Many vapers enjoy them for their concentrated flavor and restrictive airflow.   

    Unlike DTL tanks which are optimized for Sub Ohm vaping,  MTL tanks will not produce huge clouds. They use higher-ohm coils which run on less wattage

    There are now many vape tanks that cater to both DTL and MTL styles.  We rounded up a number of the latest MTL tanks for you.  

    Cafe Racer - FAST & FREE SHIPPING on vapor/ecigarette products


    Aspire Nautilus 2

    Based upon the same design and philosophy of the popular Aspire Nautilus series, the Aspire Nautilus 2 brings the same mouth to lung vaping experience with improved flavor and airflow control. The Aspire Nautilus 2 features a 2ml e-Liquid capacity tank with a shorter chimney which helps brings out the flavor of your favorite e-Liquid. The Nautilus 2 may be filled from the top and features a glass tank with a protective metal sleeve. The adjustable airflow control valve features 5 different airflow settings for precise airflow adjusted down to your own personal preferences.

    Aspire Nautilus Mini

    The Nautilus Mini by Aspire is not a new vape tank by any means but to this day it still remains one of the best clearomizers for flavor while producing a good amount of vapor.

    It is 18mm in diameter and can hold 2mL of eliquid. The small size makes it perfect for vape pens and it features the curves that is a signature of the Nautilus line.

    Innokin Zenith

    Manufactured by Innokin with design collaborations with Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, the Zenith MTL Tank is specifically designed to provide a flavor-focused vape experience while offering a user-friendly structure with ergonomic functionality.

    The Zenith can accommodate 4ml of e-liquid and can be easily filled by through a large fill port accessible by twisting the top of the tank

    The Zenith MTL Tank is an amazing tank that can be paired with low wattage devices. It has a top fill, works best with Kanthal coils, and has five airflow holes at the base for adjustability. If you’re looking for a tank that can do it all, then this is a good choice.

    Innokin Ares

    Innokin with the collaboration of Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, features the Ares MTL RTA, a two post single terminal build deck, a smoked glass tank section, and a convenient push to open top fill design. 

    As the second Innokin MTL tank in this list, the Ares is a strong contender due to its precision-machined design, great flavor and convenience. 

     Siren V2 GTA by Digiflavor

    It’s not for beginners, but the Digiflavor Siren V2 GTA offers great quality if you’re willing to use rebuildable coils and wick on your own. It has a top fill, an easy deck to build on, and comes in both 22mm and 24mm versions with both 2mL and 4.5mL glass tank sections. It offers 9 different airflow adjustments for customized restriction and features a chamber closer to the drip tip for increased flavor. 

    Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5

    The Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5 is the latest RTA from popular vape manufacturer Vandy Vape and Moldavian reviewer Alex from Vapers MD

    The Berserker V1.5 is 24 mm in diameter and features two large ports for filling your RTA on top and five airflow adjustments to dial in your vape. It has a 3 mL capacity and comes with two tank options:  glass or metal.

    Geekvape AMMIT

    The Geek Vape Ammit RTA is designed to be an extremely effective platform with the integration of the innovative Three-Dimensional Airflow System and creative two-post design that caters to single-coil configurations.

     Its three-dimensional airflow system takes air in from both the top and bottom, which then delivers it from three different directions to the coils. This makes for amazing flavor while still having a leak-proof design. 

    November 16, 2018

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    Top 4 MTL Closed System Pod Mods for Nic Salts

    Experienced vapers will know that there are a whole host of different ways to vape. However, anyone new to vaping may be unsure about the differences between Open and Closed System Vaping.  Vaping devices come in all shapes and sizes these days, and it may be daunting to find the right type of device for your vaping needs and a particular lifestyle.

    On one hand, basic vape pens may be good to start with, but they often are underpowered and a suffer from low quality.  On the other hand, box mods are powerful and fully-featured, but they are often a bit too bulky and complicated for most people. 

    Open System vs Closed System 

    In the new era of low powered MTL devices, you have Open Systems and Closed Systems pod mods.    Open system MTL pod mods come with empty pods that allow you to refill the pods with the eLiquid of your choice.   Examples are Mi Pod, Suorin Drop, and the SMOK Nord

    Closed systems are pods that come prefilled with eLiquid and (usually) only fit the device made by the same manufacturer.  The big difference for closed vape systems is that they are not (supposed to be) refillable.

    The simplicity of closed vape systems are why these devices are growing considerably in popularity across the USA and globally. 

    The following Closed System Devices are some of the best ones you may find in the market today.

    motto by Cafe Racer 


    motto is the newest offering of Cafe Racer Vape and features a slim and compact design, organic cotton heating element, 1.8ML pods and a 340 MaH rechargeable battery.   The battery is charged using a basic mini USB cable - so no worries about losing your proprietary charging port. 

    What makes motto shine is great flavor delivery and very satisfying vapor production for such a small device.    Available in 3 flavors - Virginia Tobacco, Tangerine Ice and Kick Ass Mint in 5% nicotine.  motto will be available starting in early December in USA and launch will vary in other countries around the world. 


    Pax Labs introduced the JUUL on June 1, 2015 without a lot of fanfare.  The device featured a sleek design, no buttons and an atomizer that is contained inside the disposable Juul pods.  The pods also had .7ML of eLiquid containing Nicotine Salt eLiquid in 6 flavors at 5% Nicotine or 50MG  as well as the recently released 3% for USA an 2% for the UK. 

    Even with dozens of similar products now on the market, Juul remains the top-selling closed system by a big margin.  This may change over time but for now, Juul is King and what most companies hold as the gold standard on design and performance. 

    Phix by MLV

    PHIX is a solid device with a 280 MAH internal battery. The pod holds a 1.5ml e-liquid with 5% nicotine by weight with a resistance of about 1.4ohm to 1.5ohm. Flavors include Butterscotch Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, Spearmint, and Infuzion Cool Melon and Blue Raspberry. 

    Bo by Jwell 

    Designed and crafted in France, Bo by Jwell is a nicely designed closed system vape device with a number of flavored pod eLiquid options.   We did experience some issues with Bo such as pods leaking and spit back, but otherwise, it's another option to consider when looking at the best in class for closed system pod mods. 

    November 13, 2018


    Cafe Racer Wins Best Tobacco Flavor at Vapexpo Las Vegas with Lucky Bastard


    Cafe Racer Vape makes eLiquid flavors so tasty it wins awards.  Lots of them.  Lucky 13 has won 6 awards at vape events around the world for Best Tobacco as well as runner up for Best Flavor in UK.  Peach Guzzi was awarded Best Custard by thousands of Zamplebox customers.   On November 10th at Vapexpo Las Vegas, Lucky Bastard, Lucky 13's bolder big brother, took home Best Tobacco Flavor and added another award to our ever growing award case. 

    Lucky Bastard actually has the same profile as Lucky 13 but with 2x of our special naturally extracted tobacco flavor. The 2x tobacco flavor does change the overall flavor profile - creating a more nutty bold flavor that is still in the RY4 ish profile and pairs amazingly well with craft beers.   

    Vapexpo Las Vegas 2018

    The 2018 Vapexpo Las Vegas event was a major international vape event that many in the industry attended as their have been many regional events but a truly national event has been lacking since the downfall of Vape Summit and with ECC turning into a more regional California event.  There were distributors and vape shop buyers from many countries as well as heaps of buyers and distributors from all over USA. 

    With the proliferation of flavors in the vape industry, tobacco flavors are still one of the most important flavor profile for any shop to carry - especially for smokers looking to quit but also for the many x smokers who enjoy a nice tobacco flavor with say a cup of coffee or beer.  Cafe Racer's naturally extracted tobacco offers a smooth, rich tobacco flavor that we then mix with creamy vanilla, toasted almond, caramel and a number of other flavors to create something truly special.  It's been our #2 best seller since we introduced it - going head to head with Lucky 13 our all-time best seller.   

    If you're into Nic Salts and MTL devices and would like to try a similar flavor to Lucky Bastard, check out Salty Bastard Tobacco flavor.   It's optimized for low powered devices and comes in 25MG and 40MG

    Big thanks to our team and to all of the Cafe Racer customers.  We will continue to strive to deliver the very best products possible. 


    October 29, 2018

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    5 Vape Pairings You Need to Try Today

    As you explore the flavors available in vaping, you may want to start looking into flavor pairings to heighten the experience. The good thing with the massive variety of eliquid flavors out there is you can open up a cornucopia of innumerable possibilities with flavor pairings out there. Here are some vape-drink combinations you can try out to start that journey.  

    Peach Guzzi and Pink Lemonade with Iced Tea

    Fruit and iced tea is a pretty good combination, but they don't always have to be put together into one drink. Fruits like lemons and peaches are known to be complimentary for iced tea. Cafe Racer's Peach Guzzi is an awesome eliquid to pair with an cool glass of iced tea. The same goes for Pink Lemonade, which has a hint of grapefruit and raspberry to add to the lemon kick. Both should let you get by a hot summer afternoon

    Lucky 13 and Lucky Bastard with Craft Beers

    For more sophisticated adult palates, these combinations may be for you. If you're a fan of IPAs and other craft beers,, then you may want to pair it with the Lucky 13 or Lucky Bastard eLiquids. Both of them have smooth tobacco flavor with notes of creamy vanilla, toasted almond, and caramel—perfect for any good IPA. Lucky Bastard is twice the smooth tobacco as Lucky 13, so you have an option if you're looking for something heavier.

    Croissant with Coffee

    Most baked goods go well with coffee or chocolate, but few things beat the classic combination of croissant and coffee. If you want to feel like you're in Paris on a Sunday morning, get Cafe Racer's Croissant eLiquid and vape it while drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning.

    Cafe Racer Croissant has that buttery pastry dough coupled with almond cream and dark Belgian chocolate topped with some powdered sugar that you'd expect from an actual croissant fresh from the oven. There are few better ways to start a day than that.

    Strawberry Creamsicle with Chocolate

    The chocolate-covered strawberry is certainly proven to be a good combination, so much that even people who aren't that fond of chocolate would end up liking this pairing. The Strawberry Creamsicle eLiquid, as the name suggests, has a thick creamy strawberry flavor with hints of vanilla. With that in mind, combined with a cup of cocoa, some chocolate cake or eclair, or even just a chocolate bar can make for a wonderful experience.


    October 29, 2018

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    5 Signs Nicotine Salts are For You

    Vaping has come a long way since the early electronic cigarettes.  The evolution of vaping hardware was usually the driving force in eLiquids.  With the advent of higher powered devices and sub ohm coils, eLiquid nicotine content went from an average of 12 MG  to 3MG being the most common level.   This has recently been turned upside down with the advent of Nicotine Salts.   

    With higher nicotine and more satisfying nicotine salts, there are a number of very good low powered MTL (Mouth to Lung)  devices optimized for Nic Salts.  Click here to see our list of top picks

    Some vapers may find the nicotine kick in most eLiquids to be insufficient compared to what they would normally get from smoking.  That is where nicotine salts come in. If you're looking into whether NicSalts are for you, here are five signs to look out for.


    You find nicotine in conventional eLiquids to be insufficient:

    Nicotine salts, or NicSalts for short, is the usual way nicotine is commonly found in tobacco leaves. NicSalts can be absorbed faster into the bloodstream compared to distilled nicotine found in conventional eLiquids. They also yield a less harsh throat hit that makes it easier to consume due to its pH balance.

    NicSalts contain a different pH than that of free base nicotine. Some nicotine salts may be closer to the biological pH of certain membrane locations in the esophagus and lungs. Therefore, nicotine salts exhibit differing inhalation and absorption properties. For instance, by delivering nicotine into the bloodstream both faster and more efficiently, the user will have an experience bearing more semblance to combustible cigarettes.


    You're trying to quit smoking:

    Smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products delivers a high nicotine kick almost instantly.   When switching to vaping, many smokers don't feel the same satisfaction as with traditional cigarettes, and fall back on their old ways. 

    Nic Salts deliver nicotine to the bloodstream much faster than traditional (freebase) nicotine eLiquids and are therefore more effective for smokers looking for a similar level of satisfaction.  

    You Are Looking to Vape Less:

    Because Nic Salts are stronger and absorbed vaster into the bloodstream, many vapers report vaping less frequently.   You can take a few puffs from your favorite MTL or Pod Mod device and quickly feel the Nic kick vs vaping for 2 to 3 minutes with traditional freebase nicotine.  

    You want more flavorful eLiquids.

    Nic Salts also has less impact on the flavor of eLiquids.  That's because freebase nicotine can significantly affect the flavor of the eLiquid it's added to.  Once you get above 3MG, nicotine can have a big impact on the overall flavor profile of freebase eLiquid.  If you don't care much for throat hit, yet want more out of the nicotine in your eliquid, then NicSalts should be right for you.


    You want to vape something more discreet and doesn't make big clouds:

    It goes without saying that not every vaper likes exhaling big clouds of vapor.  If you want a more discreet vaping experience that won't involve you exhaling clouds at home or in public, then NicSalt based eliquids may be the solution.

    Do keep in mind that this doesn't mean zero clouds, but you do get significantly less visible vapor from NicSalt eLiquids using a smaller and lower-power device

    If you're a smoker who is looking to vaping as a way to kick the tobacco habit while wanting to keep your vaping simple and more discreet that traditional high powered vaping devices, then you may want to give NicSalts a try. As you wean yourself off the nicotine more and more, you may then switch to a lower nicotine or nicotine-free eliquid, perhaps with a high VG ratio as well.




    October 01, 2018


    How to Vape in Public Without Being a Jerk

    Vaping is relatively new -  but it does come with some basic etiquette—a simple set guidelines to prevent it from being a detriment to the people around you.

    Here are a few things you should keep in mind to maintain good vaping etiquette and not end up being a jerk.

    You Can't Vape Anywhere

    One of the most commonly-cited benefits of switching to e-cigarettes is that you can vape anywhere, or if they’re being reasonable, almost anywhere. Well, you definitively can’t vape anywhere – businesses can choose what is allowed on their premises – and frankly, even the “almost anywhere” claim is growing increasingly tenuous, with local transport authorities, planes and some local governments enacting bans on e-cig usage. In fact, the situation appears to be moving more towards smoking-like treatment rather than the “vape anywhere” approach.

    The Importance of Asking

    Not sure if you can vape somewhere?  The easy solution is to simply ask. At the bar, ask the barman if you’re allowed to vape, and if he or he says no, then head outside with the smokers. We don’t want to, but it’s better to endure a bit of cold than to flout an establishment’s rules and give people the impression that vapers are disrespectful or are just looking for a way to exploit “loopholes” in smoke-free laws. Similarly, if you’re in close proximity to somebody when you’re vaping, it can’t hurt to ask if they’re OK with it.

    Don't Blow Your Clouds at People

    This goes without saying as it should be common sense, but people do not want clouds in their face. Whenever you're vaping where there are people around, you should blow your clouds away from people. Blowing it upwards or down towards your feet may be the best way to prevent hitting passers-by with your clouds. Also keep in mind the wind direction when outside - getting hit with a cloud of vape is not something anyone would appreciate and is probably the # 1 way to become a vape jerk! 

    Don't Be a Vaping Snob

    While vaping with others, it's natural for you to start comparing devices since gear is one of the fun aspects of vaping. However, that takes a turn for the worse when it becomes a pointless competition of who has the most expensive or coolest-looking setup among you.

    There's no point to this other than alienating each other when it should be more about camaraderie among vaping enthusiasts. Everyone may have a different approach to vaping, and it's absolutely fine for someone to stick to a simple starter kit, a pod, or even just a classic e-cigarette.

    This also extends to how you treat non-vapers. If there's one thing that can definitely turn people off from vaping, it's being an inconsiderate know-it-all about it.

    "Yes, we get it. You vape."

    It's absolutely fine to geek out on vaping. But if you weren't asked about vaping, there's no need to talk too much about it. Don't start rambling on about the hardware, eliquid flavors you're mixing and other geeky vape topics unless you were asked about it.

    Don't Attack Smokers

    A big part of vaping is the quest to eliminate smoking, encouraging smokers to take up vaping as a way to quit tobacco. With that in mind, the last thing you want to do is to discourage a smoker friend from taking up vaping by talking shit to them about their habit.   Yes, smoke stinks and it's awful. But remember, you were likely once one of the same people choking down cigarettes on a regular basis and it takes some time for people to see the light.   




    October 01, 2018


    PG vs VG: What's the Difference and How Does it Affect Your eLiquid and Vaping Experience

    Vaping terminology can be a bit confusing at first, so in this article we are going to try and explain the differences between the two most widely used e-liquid bases: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

    That means propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin—PG and VG—which are usually indicated in labels of most commercially available eliquids. Knowing what they are and what's in your eliquid can impact how you experience them whenever you vape.

    PG: Propylene Glycol

    PG is  less viscous than vegetable glycerin. Due to the fact that propylene glycol has a runny consistency, PG e-liquid is thinner than the VG variety, and is easily absorbed by the polyfill and cotton fabric inside cartomizers and wick tanks

    PG  won't gunk up your coils or the inside of the tank as much as VG.

    PG is also tasteless on its own, making it a perfect base for flavors of your choice. However, it can also deliver throat hit like tobacco, so it's a good starting point for those who are coming into vaping from smoking.

    There's even word on PG having anti-microbial properties, although that has yet to be scientifically confirmed in the context of vaping. However, PG has been known to absorb moisture in the throat, so you may feel dehydrated once you've been vaping PG eliquid for a while without drinking more water.

    Take note that some people may be allergic to PG. If you're one of those people, then you'll have to go with VG in your eliquids instead.

    VG: Vegetable Glycerin

    VG is  more viscous, making it thicker but also creates a lot more vapor. However, it does taste a bit sweet on its own, so you have to keep that in mind when choosing flavors.

    The viscosity makes for a tougher time with cleaning coils and tanks, so you'll have to use a cleaning solvent like alcohol to effectively get that gunk out. Wicking with it is also more difficult since you have to wait a while for the cotton to soak it in, unlike the more runny PG. Some vapers have also complained of greater phlegm buildup in their throat while using pure VG eliquids due to this as well.

    While a rare number of people may have some allergic reaction to VG, it's mostly regarded as easier than PG for most people. It also causes less dehydration, so your throat won't feel as dry while vaping a VG eliquid, as opposed to a PG eliquid.

    A lot of vapers go for VG eliquids mostly for great vapor production, but it does sacrifice the throat hit that many look for in vaping.

    Mixing PG with VG

    Most eliquids these days tend to employ a mix of PG and VG for balance, combining advantages of both bases. A lot of times, you'll find either 70/30 or 60/40 VG to PG ratio eliquids in the market today. Either of them make for a balance in flavor and vapor production. 

    How Safe are PG and VG?

    Both these liquids are food grade, and they're in widespread use for a variety of food products. Both PG and VG are deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA, making them perfect for making eliquids.

    It must be said that both PG and VG have very low allergy risk, but everybody is different. It's incredibly rare to be allergic to both, so mixed PG/VG eliquids should certainly be just fine for a vast majority of people.

    Which is Better?

    There's no definite answer to this question. The only good conclusion to this is it really depends on personal preference. Some like VG-only eliquids, some like PG-only eliquids, but most prefer a combination of the PG/VG. Knowing what you want from vaping helps determine what kind of eliquid you want. It's not just about what flavor fits your fancy, but also what kind of liquid base you prefer.


    September 18, 2018


    End of Summer Giveaway: Win 3 x 60ml Bottles of Cafe Racer Vape

    Summer is coming to an end, but exciting giveaways from Cafe Racer are here to stay! 

    The Cafe Racer Vape team is giving away Cafe Racer bottles to 2 lucky Winners!

    • Grand Winner: 3 x 60ml Cafe Racer/Sidecar/SaltyBastard eliquid + 350 Racer Coins 
    • 1st Runner Up: 1 x 60ml Cafe Racer/Sidecar/SaltyBastard eliquid of your choice + 300 Racer Coins

    To be eligible for this giveaway, you must be a US resident and above 18 years old!

    You need to complete any or all of the action steps below. The first action step is mandatory in order to be entered into the contest.

    Note: Every action completed carries a point: The more points you gather, the greater chances of winning! 

    Contest runs from September 15, 2018 to September 30, 2018!

    Winners will be announced on October 1, 2018!

    The winner will be chosen randomly (powered by Random.org)! 

    Are you ready to win? Join here now!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Good luck!

    August 30, 2018


    5 Things to Consider when Choosing Your E-Liquid

    If you’ve been vaping for a while you know your way around the market. This means you know where to get what you need as well as how to make the right choice

    Continue Reading →

    August 27, 2018


    Top 4 Best MTL Devices for Nic Salt E-Liquids

    Vaping has evolved a lot in the last 2 years.  You could call it the 3rd wave.  The first wave was the orignal electronic cigarette.  The 2nd wave were mods and tanks.  The 3rd wave are Pod Mods - both open and closed devices characterized by small size, lower power and both disposable (closed) and refillable (open) system devices.   

    The pod mod trend can be traced back to Juul - the leader of closed system pod devices that launched in 2015. Juul also brought in an era of Nicotine Salts.

    Today there are a ton of Open System Pod Mod vaping options available.   Here's a rundown of a few of our favorites, including the Mi-Pod, Suorin Air and Drop and the Aspire Breeze 2.  Most of these feature no buttons (or the fire button in optional) and are automatically activated when you inhale. 



    The Mi-Pod is a super compact pod mod with a 2ml capacity and an unusually high built-in 950mAh battery (most are around 650 mAH) made by. Smoking Vapor. Mi Pod is a good first choice for MTL vaping nicotine salts. It has top airflow  and we find that the vapor production and flavor is the best in class of similar devices. 

    The Mi-Pod also has manual auto-draw, 3-color power indicators, and a micro USB port for charging, making it convenient for all types of users.

    Check out our Salty Bastard Starter Kit here featuring a complete Digital Edition MiPod Starter Kit & one 30ml bottle of your choice of Salty Bastard TobaccoSalty Bastard Tobacco Ice, Or Tangerine in a nicotine strength of 25mg or 40mg.

    Cafe Racer Vape - FAST & FREE SHIPPING on all vapor/ecigarette products


    Suorin Air

    This Suorin Air has a slim profile similar to a credit card that fits in any pocket or purse and a refillable open pod system for users who want to be able to top it up. The Suorin Air allows for whatever e-liquid you may desire, including nicotine salts. Do take note that it has a 1.2ohm coil resistance, so your selection may be rather limited—a 70/30 VG to PG juice is best, not going lower than 60/40 to avoid leaks.

    The Suorin Air has a 2ml capacity and the coils should last about 4 to 5 refills before the coil is burnt. It has a 400mAh battery, so it's not meant for heavy vaping throughout the day. However, it can be fully recharged within 30 minutes, so you won't have to wait long.

    Salty Bastard Nicotine Salt E-Liquid - Best MTL Nic SaltsSuorin Drop

    The drop-shaped design of the aptly-named Suorin Drop makes it both compact and contain a deceivingly-large capacity at the same time. For its size, having a 2ml refillable pod is quite hefty, as well as having a 13W output. The coil has a 1.3 to 1.4ohm resistance. Other than that, you get a 310mAh battery, micro USB port for recharging, and an LED battery life indicator.

    The pod has two chambers, letting you mix e-liquids without having to mix them beforehand. This makes it perfect for filling up with any juice you wish to use, including nic salts.

    Aspire Breeze 2

    The Aspire Breeze 2 does quite well as the follow-up to the Aspire Breeze—one of the most minimalist MTL devices on the market. Like its predecessor, the Aspire Breeze 2 is simple, yet is packed with tons of features. While it doesn't offer a replaceable pod, this all-in-one design does allow for a tank with a 2ml capacity and top fill.

    It may not be the full-on sort of vape pod you'd expect, it does have most of the pod characteristics you can expect like a selection between auto or manual, single button operation, LED battery life indicator, side airflow, and so on. It also has a 650mAh battery, various safety features, and Aspire Breeze U-Tech coil heads.


    There are a ton of Pod Mods & MTL devices on the market for you to choose from, but these top 4 really stand out against the rest to us when it comes to reliability & usability. They all have their perks, so hopefully this article helps you narrow down your search for your next Pod Mod Device. After you've chosen your device, you'll want to be sure to fill your pod with high quality nicotine salt e-liquid - Check out the award winning flavors we have available in our store HERE.


    August 22, 2018

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    5 Vaping Mistakes Most Beginner Vapers Make

    When you decide to make the switch from smoking to vaping, it can be pretty intimidating when seeing the hundreds of options for hardware available. Even with the guidance of your friendly neighborhood vape shop, it can still be daunting.  To help you out with this, here are a few some rules of thumb to make your first purchases a little easier. Here are five things that some first time vapers tend to do wrong, which you can learn to avoid.

    Buying Poor-Quality Device

    When people first get into vaping, they get inundated with a literal plethora of choices. There are lots of e-liquid and devices to choose from, including  low cost / poor quality devices that might be cheap but also won't work well of for very long. Not splurging on your first e-cig is a good idea, but not spending enough for something with a fair bit of quality isn't.

    Don't buy something that only costs $10 just because it's the cheapest one in the lot. You're buying your first device to have a reliable option to smoking, so low-quality vaping equipment will only make for lousy experience with bad flavor and unsatisfactory usability. Nothing makes vaping feel more like a hassle than having to deal with a leak, malfunction, or device failure in the first few days. 

    To prevent this from happening, you may want to do your homework beforehand. You can read blog articles, reviews, and forum posts to see what you may be getting yourself into. After that, you can then visit a local vape shop, look around, and ask questions.  Most vape shops have very experiences staff that will be happy to walk you through the many options and also give their input on reliability, ease of use and the experiences of other customers. 

    Using the Wrong Nicotine Strength

    If you're starting to vape as an alternative to  smoking, you'll have to know how to go about it the right way. You're basically using the nicotine from the e-liquid to slowly but surely taper your habit down until you can comfortably walk away from smoking once and for all.  Sometimes this happens right away, and for others it may take some time. Either way it's key to understand about nicotine strength and options. 

    In terms of nicotine delivery, the one thing you should remember is that vaping doesn't deliver the same amount as a cigarette in the same amount of time. That means if vaping doesn't satisfy your craving at the moment, it may leave you unsatisfied and have you tempted to reach for a cigarette again.

    One major development on this front are Nicotine Salts.  With Nic Salts you’ll get more nicotine, more quickly: In general, nicotine salts paired with the right device seem to get nicotine to your blood more quickly.  This experience is more closely resemble the experience of users with combustable tobacco. For more on this, check out our article on Nicotine Salt Devices   

    If you go with traditional eLiquids (aka Freebase Nicotine) you should start off with a higher nicotine e-juice if you're coming from a full-on smoking habit. If you're using a subohm device  - one that usually runs on higher power, you'll probably want to try 6MG nicotine. Higher than that can taste quite harsh.  Using a lower powered device you may try up to 12MG. Most companies don't offer freebase nicotine in anything higher than 12MG.   Keep in mind that nicotine is not great for flavor - so it's best to start a little higher when switching but always nicer to lower your nic levels to get the best flavor out of your favorite eLiquids. 

    Buying the Wrong Vape Device

    It's tempting to get the biggest most advanced device you see if you have the money for it. A fancy box mod with high wattage and lots of advances setting can be not only expensive - but also very complicated and are not really necessary for basic vaping.  

    Since big box mods tend to be expensive, buying one on impulse and realizing that it's not a good fit for your lifestyle can be quite the buyer's remorse you wouldn't want to experience. For instance, if you want a device that can fit your pocket and be taken just about anywhere, you wouldn't necessarily want a box mod.  

    We would recommend getting a highly rated simple device  -one that fits in your pocket, doesn't have complicated buttons and settings and offers reasonable battery life.   There are a lot of newer devices that fit into this category - especially the MTL Pod Mod devices that are best for Nic Salts.  

    Picking the wrong e-Liquid

    Being able to fine tune every bit of your experience is a big part of vaping, and much of it has to do with the e-liquid flavors. We would recommend going to your local vape shop as they usually have a most of their brands and flavors available to try before you buy.  This should save you a lot of wasted time and $ of ordering and hoping for the best. 

    In general, their are several main categories for eLiquid flavors: Tobacco / Menthol/ Fruity / Desserts / Beverages (ie Tea  or coffee) and Creamy - with seamingly an infinite varieity in each of these categories.  It can be daunting but it's worth trying a few styles to see what suites your tastes best. 

    Often people like to start with Tobacco flavors - since that's what they are used to. Sometimes people also keep a few flavors handy and change things up depending on what they are drinking (ie Tobacco pairs nicely with Beer )  

    Buying Too Many Items To Start

    The tendency for a lot of people who get into a new hobby is splurging—spending a lot of money to acquire what they may think is everything they need to get started. The truth is all you really need at first is a vaping device, some e-liquid and possibly an extra battery depending on the type of device you have.  And that's it.



    August 20, 2018


    8 Things You Should Know Before You Travel with Your Vape

    Vaping has become a global phenomenon that has taken many countries by storm over recent years. With that in mind, if you wish to travel to other countries and be able to bring your e-cigarette to vape while you enjoy the sights and sounds or travel for work,  then you may want to remember the following before you embark on your journey.

    Airport and Airline Vaping Policies

    You may want to inquire your chosen airline on what their rules and regulations are regarding e-cigarette and if you can carry them in your carry-on bag. What's most likely is that since e-cigarettes have batteries in them, you have to put them in your carry-on if you wish to bring them with you. 

    Checked Luggage Battery Ban

    As of this writing, a worldwide ban on transporting e-cigarettes in checked luggage. There is concern with how batteries in them can be a hazard, so the International Civil Aviation Organization amended the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO Doc 9284) recently to no longer allow e-cigarettes in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

    If you're bringing an e-cigarette and other hardware with you on your travels, it's best to have them in your carry-on bag to both have them on hand and to not get into trouble.

    Vaping Laws

    Take time to learn about the country you're going to and their legal status regarding vaping. Most of them are tolerant with vaping, although some do have restrictions with e-liquids that contain nicotine as the ingredient is considered a potent poison.

    The thing with the legal status of vaping in these countries is that it's often hard to pin down exactly what the legal situation is in these countries, and it tends to be different in each of them. Some are okay with vaping, but only in certain places, restricts the possession of e-liquid, or so on.

    As of May 2018, There are three countries wherein vaping is pretty much illegal—Thailand,  Singapore the United Arab Emirates. If you're planning to travel to these countries, it is best to leave your e-cigarette behind and bear with having to go cold turkey for a while.

    Your best defense here is to do your homework while planning your vacation and take the necessary precautions before going to the airport. The last thing you want is to have your e-cigarette confiscated, or even be held in custody.

    Vaping in Restaurants and Public Places

    To continue with the previous point, you should look up whether it's legal to vape in public establishments. Vaping is now covered by most city laws and ordinances, usually lumped together with anti-smoking laws. Most of the time, smoking areas allow for vaping as well, so make sure you find out whether 

    Find Local Retail Locations

    If you're able to bring your e-cigarette into the country and allowed to vape there, then the next step is to find out where there are vaping retail stores in the city you're going to. Whether you find one in Google maps or one of the many store locators online in online vaping resources, you should be able to find one you can restock in once you arrive.

    Store E-Juice Bottles Vertically

    Whether it's in your carry-on luggage, at the hotel room, or wherever else, you do not want to store your e-juice the wrong way. If you're able to put in straps or some other mechanism to keep your e-juice bottles vertical in your luggage, then you shouldn't have to worry about much else other than making sure you keep the luggage upright at all times.

    It's not that keeping it on its side instantly makes the liquid inside unusable. However, you wouldn't want to find out later on upon opening up your luggage that some or all of it had leaked or spilled into your clothing. 

    Store Batteries in Cool Place

    You now know that you can't store your batteries in your checked luggage. However, you should also mind where you carry it on your person. Temperature is a very important consideration as hot places can be dangerous for your batteries.

    If you don't wish to end up like those horror stories of e-cigarette batteries exploding in pockets or bags, then make sure they're original and aren't stored where heat is concentrated. Then again, even if your batteries are guaranteed not to blow up, they'd still get damaged and lose their charge if left in a hot place for an extended period of time.

    If you're going to be traveling by car anytime, do not leave your batteries in the car for long, especially if it's going to be hot. Carry them with you and make sure they're well-ventilated and/or in a cool place at all times, away from sunlight and other sources of heat.


    Of course, if you don't want to bring too many spare batteries with you, then you'd want to be able to charge your e-cigarette when you get to your accommodation. Research beforehand what voltage and plug outlet is used in the country you're going to.

    Also, make sure you get a good charger that are safe to prevent short circuits and other unforeseen consequences. If you're traveling by car most of the time, then you'd want to bring a good car charger so you don't have to panic when running low while vaping on the road.

    August 05, 2018

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    How Do I Know My E-Liquid is Safe? | 5 Useful Tips for Buying Safe E-Liquid

    Most people started vaping as means to quit smoking and avoid the many pitfalls of combusting tobacco (smell, tar, etc)  There are certain things you should remember to keep it safe by buying only FDA registered e-liquid from reputable qualified retailers and websites. 

    Buy from a Reputable Vendor

    The first step is always to find a vendor you can trust; one that sells quality products.  Spend some time in the vape shop testing various e-Liquids for flavors that you like.  Check to see if the retailer actually has a relationship with the company or distributor. These little details do matter as they show care by the vendor for the quality of the e-juices they sell.

    Do Your Research

    While some bargain brands are pretty good, they may contain cheaper quality nicotine and other flavorings.  That does mean expensive eLiquids have safer products so do some research before you buy. 

    See if the company has a website.  Does the manufacturer make any statements about their facilities?   Check out the reviews from customers both on their website and on other websites.  One great website for 3rd party reviews is  Juicedb

    Seek Child Resistant Caps

    Not only can e-liquid be potentially dangerous to you when handled or used wrong, but it can be handled or even ingested by children.  Current legislation mandates that all eLiquid have child resistant caps.  If you see one without this - that's a sign that the manufacturer is cutting corners. 

    Of course, you can take other precautionary measures like storing the e-juice in hard-to-reach places and securing them with locks, but you can never be too sure when you're currently consuming the eLiquids and this is an important safety measure mandated by the FDA. 

    Look for Professional Labeling

    In the case of eLiquids, you can judge it by its label. Professionally done labels must sh include warnings about nicotine and should list the basic  ingredients, thus letting you know what's inside. Also look for nicotine strength displayed prominently.

    The quality of labels does help denote the level the brand is operating at. While you need not stay away from smaller companies, do know that you can be more certain with the safety of the product when it comes from a responsible  company with more regulation and oversight.

    If you're on the hunt for some quality e-liquids that you can trust, we have a full line of award winning flavors that I know you'll really enjoy. Check them out: CLICK HERE