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August 19, 2019

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6 Top Summer Eliquids to Try in 2019

When the summer heat arrives for the year, you will want to look for whatever refreshes you and cools you down during the day. The same goes for the eliquids you vape.

There are plenty of choices out there these days for summer eliquids. If you’re looking for eliquids to vape for this summer, here’s a list of the best flavors you can get right now.

Cafe Racer Berry Ice

Perhaps one of our best sellers in summer, the Berry Ice flavor is a great summer flavor for all-day vaping. This is part of our SideCar line of eliquids, which is composed of our sweeter and fruitier flavors.

The Berry ice is a delicious blend of different fresh berries that are thoughtfully balanced, and it’s topped off with a minty cool finish. If we can ever recommend a summer eliquid, this is definitely it.

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☑️A splash💦 of #berryice is what you need to celebrate a fun filled weekend. 😀💨💨💨

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Cafe Racer Cool Bastard

One of our award-winning flavors, the Cool Bastard is a menthol tobacco eliquid that never fails to satisfy. It delivers a rich and creamy Virginia tobacco with a crisp mint finish.

This is the coolest tobacco flavor you can find anywhere, so this is a really good summer flavor for those who like their tobacco. This eliquid flavor stays true to its name, making it a must-try this summer.

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✔The icy cool finish on our award-winning🏆 tobacco flavor profile refreshes so you can face the weekend with sufficient zing! #coolbastard 😀💨💨💨

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Cafe Racer Peach Guzzi

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Need a refreshing eliquid? #peachguzzi is what you’re looking for. An award-winning blend of crisp peach and sweet blueberries drizzled in a vanilla custard with green tea undertones

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One of our award-winning flavors, Peach Guzzi is a blend of crisp peach and sweet blueberries drizzled in a vanilla custard, and topped off with green tea undertones.

This is a dessert juice that doesn’t taste too heavy, thanks to the bright peach flavor. You can vape this juice all day and continue to discover a myriad of flavors in this sophisticated eliquid.

Cafe Racer Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice

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☑️Out of this world combination! . . Try our #nicsalt starter kit and get a @mionevape and one 30ML salty bastard eliquid of your choice. . #saltybastardtangerine | #saltybastardtobacco | #saltybastardtobaccoice 😀💨💨💨

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The Salty Bastard line is our selection of nicotine salt eliquids. If you’re a pod user, then you can still get something to cool you down from Cafe Racer with the Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice.

It’s similar to our Cool Bastard but in nicotine salt form. It’s the same creamy Virginia tobacco with mint, but with more of a nicotine kick as well. You can satisfy your cravings in the summer while still getting that relief from the summer heat.

Cafe Racer Salty Bastard Tangerine

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☑️A tantalizing blend of oranges and tangerine makes up this refreshing #nicsalt eliquid! . . Try it out for 18.95USD for a 30ML bottle for either a 25mg or 40mg nic level. 😀💨💨💨

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If you’re a pod user who wants more of a fruity nicotine salt eliquid, then the Salty Bastard Tangerine should fit the bill for your summer.

It’s a zesty blend of natural tangerines and oranges, giving you that citrus bite with a good bit of sweetness. Vaping this is like taking a big swig of juice to quench your thirst.

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May 09, 2020

Please consider bringing Peach Guzzi back. That juice was phenomenal.

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