The Cafe Racer Connection to the World of Vaping

The Cafe Racer Connection to The World of Vaping

Back in post WW2 England, Cafe Racers were built because of a lack of production motorcycles that had the performance the riders wanted. The Rockers or Ton Up boys went to great lengths to defy the manufacturers by building their own custom "sport bikes”. A high powered Triumph engine was transplanted in to a legendary Norton featherbed frame and the Triton Cafe Racer was born.

Today there are a plethora of motorcycles that out power and out perform the classics and building a Cafe Racer is no longer just about the search for better performance, it is an expression of style...but in the most practical sense by makers worldwide who love to tinker and customize their bikes as they best fit their own style and performance requirements. 

The personal vaporizer / electronic cigarette industry has a lot of parallels to Cafe Racer culture. The initial electronic cigarettes lacked the performance that people wanted. People started hacking these designs and creating their own mods and early open tank vapes. You can read more about the full story on the evolution of Ecigs and Vapes in our previous blog post. 

On the e-Liquid side, people also quickly realized that the initial tobacco and menthol flavors available were ok but there was a whole world of flavor to be explored to create the kinds of flavors that people would really enjoy.  Eliquid makers, including Cafe Racer, worked at utilizing the new more powerful atomizers to bring a whole range of new flavors and updating some old ones (like Cafe Racer's Lucky 13 and Lucky Bastard as an updated versions of RY4 Tobacco Flavor).   

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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