Cafe Racer Halts All Sales In China and Launches an Investigation After Unauthorized Product is Discovered In the Chinese Market

April 9, 2018


Cafe Racer has launched a full investigation after discovering a large number of unauthorized 60ML Cafe Racer E-LIquid bottles in the Chinese market.  Founder/CEO Kurt Sonderegger flew to China as soon as this news was known to work with the local authorities and insure this matter is cleared up as soon as possible. 

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Cafe Racer Vape prides itself on providing it's customers around the world with high-quality  E-Liquid and is committed to providing our Chinese vape customers information about any unauthorized products that were not manufactured in our ISO/GSM certified lab based in California, USA 

"Starting on April 3, 2018, we found that in the China market of unknown origin.  This only applies to 60ML bottles with identical labels and are indistinguishable from our authorized and approved products.  These bottles did not come from our lab in California, and it does not belong to our brand."

Cafe Racer Vape does not currently have any 60ml of products circulating in China. Since February 2018, it has not entered into a partnership with any foreign trade company in China and has withdrawn from the Chinese market indefinitely until this matter is resolved. 

"We have the responsibility to publicize the above information in a timely manner to ensure  public health and the rights of consumers and trade partners.  We regret the impact of this situation but have decided to investigate all Cafe Racer branded products the market and halt all sales there until this matter is resolved."

For Cafe Racer's Chinese fans who enjoy our award-winning E-Liquids and have questions, please add Cafe Racer Vape's official Chinese WeChat page or our private WeChat page: CafeRacerVape1 or by scanning the QR code below for details.

For our Official WeChat Announcement, click HERE 

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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April 21, 2018


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