Vapor Based Art + A Bar that Claims to get you Drunk without Drinking

Alcoholic Architecture,   a new bar in London's Borough Market  by the design firm Bompas & Parr, claims to get you drunk without drinking. It's a bar defined by its signature cocktail: an aerosolized cloud of alcohol (vapor)  that patrons start breathing as soon as they walk through the door.  

A 1:3 ratio combination of spirits and mixers that has been aerosolized, the breathable brew is so potent that imbibers need to actually don special protective suits, to limit how much skin (and, more specifically, mucus membranes) are exposed to it.  

This is surely crossing many boundaries considering all the fuss lawmakers make about  vaping + ecigs with nicotine (especially when viewed against the backdrop of the harm smoking causes millions).  One can only imagine if this concept actually took off - what kind of backlash there would be to this and all forms of aerosolized imbibing.  

This isn't Bombas and Parr's first foray into vapor based art installations.  Visitors watching London’s fireworks between Westminster Bridge and Hungerford Bridge got to experience a total sensory assault with the different colored fireworks matched to fruity flavors. So as red pyrotechnics exploded in the sky, the city was engulfed in a strawberry flavored cloud of vapor. 

Yes another project by Bompas & Parr called the Fruit Weather is a fruit based weather system for your tongue. The installation billed as a collision of meteorology and pomology at the Garage Centre of Contemporary Culture in Moscow in 2013 exploded fruit to the scale of buildings spatialising flavor to become an immersive and inhabitable cloud. 

Fruit Weather used powerful humidifiers to super saturated the air with fruity vapour. The high humidity level itself enhances taste perception as meteorology and pomology (the study of fruit) collide. On any given day visitors were able to step inside a strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, lime or pear flavored cloud.

Sounds a little like entering your first big vape show like ECC or World Vapor Expo.  Perhaps the world of high art and vaping are on collision course to develop a whole range of aerosol sensory experiences.  It certainly would appeal to a wider audience than Cloud Chasing events - which are cool but not really meant for a mainstream audience. 


kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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