Prepping Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid for Launch at the World Vapor Expo in Miami May 29 - 31

After years of experimentation and over 6 months of work in the lab with a top flavorist, we are super stoked to be launching our first two flavors - Peach Guzzi and Lucky 13 at the World Vapor Expo in Miami on May 29th.   


It's been a whirlwind Winter getting everything ready for launch.  After relocating to sunny Encinitas, CA in December 2014 to start the business, we set out with one goal - make great flavors that we love.  In addition to creating awesome flavors, we wanted to create a CRAFT e-liquid company that was true to the name - sourcing the best flavors from around the world, being 100% transparent about ingredients, finding a production lab that was ISO certified and would meet our very high standards and creating a brand that would connect with discerning consumers who would appreciate our passion and dedication to delivering awesome and unique flavors they could trust. 

True to this dedication to DIY and Custom Culture, we didn't just buy a booth for the upcoming shows, we built it ourselves.   I enlisted an old friend and legendary surfboard designer named  Peter Scrhoff  to help out. Here is Peter's original design sketch (note - Peter is very low tech)  along with a few shots of he and I during the build (Peter's the one with the spray paint) 


The idea of integrating an awesome custom Cafe Racer into the booth is central to the design.  Peter took the other main design element of creating a fun tasting station for people to try our blends and combined the two.    Since we only have a small 10 x 10 Booth (it's our first show after all) Peter decided to build the tasting station around the bike.  

Tasting Station Bar with plexiglass top and sides

As for the cafe racer bike, I lucked out and found a Cafe Racer club in South Florida who had a member who was willing to rent me his racer for a few days.  Here's a shot of the bike - which is I only wish I could take for a ride in addition to showcasing it at our booth. 

It's t-minus 8 days and 17 hours until the doors open at the World Vapor Expo and there are still a ton of things to sort out before then.   Can't wait to share our flavors with the world and see how the vape industry and consumers respond.  Look for us at Booth # 200 at the World Vapor Expo in Miami  and at other Vape events around the country throughout 2015. 


kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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