10 Vape Blogs You Should Bookmark in 2018

Vaping has become such a phenomenon worldwide almost overnight, much of which is thanks to the power of the Internet. The vaping community continues to grow and a lot of vapers are very much willing to share their knowledge and experiences on all things vaping. 

Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced one, you'll be stoked to know that heaps of helpful vaping resources are just a click away.

So, if you're looking for vaping blogs to follow, we've rounded up the ten of the best and most rad right now on the Internet!



As one of the largest and most frequented vaping blogs online, the Vapor4Life blog is a hub of knowledge for both new and experienced vapers worldwide. It has what you'd expect from a blog about vaping that's run for the community, with daily tips and tricks and vaping news, as well as testimonials on personal vaping experiences, politics, and so on.




Another popular vaping blog, VaporVanity brings news and product reviews to vaporizing aficionados everywhere. You can subscribe to the email newsletter and have new articles sent to your inbox. If you're looking to stay updated on everything vaping-related, whether it's the latest products or legal/cultural developments, then this is the blog for you.



Touting oneself as “The Voice of Vaping” is quite the boast, but VapingDaily does back it up by being an all-in-one resource for vaping with vaping-related news and guides in its blog. When you visit the site, you may also notice the “How to Quit” item on the navigation menu. It leads to their guide on how to quit smoking through various means, including with electronic cigarettes and vaping.



Aside from being an online store for all things vaping-related, this website also has a blog that is updated regularly with news and other articles on the latest happenings in the vaping world. With its history going way back to 2006, Vaping.com has seen through pretty much everything in the vaping world, from its growing pains to where it is now.

Vaping 360 


Vaping360 is the world’s largest vaping media website with close to one million monthly visitors. The website was started in late 2014 with the goal of helping smokers switch to a cleaner alternative. Since it’s inception, Vaping360 has garnered a truly global audience with the help of experienced vaping contributors from all around the world. As the home of vaping, our aspiration is to help create a smoke-free planet.




Run by an ex-smoker from Ohio who got into vaping during its early days, VapingLinks is a blog made for those who are looking for answers on how to quit smoking by getting into vaping. This website is more about the personal side of vaping, sharing thoughts and experiences of both the proprietor and those who got into vaping to kick their old habits. It's filled to the brim with articles on the science of vaping, related field research, and so on.



As the name suggests, this blog is all about guiding people in vaping. What makes it different from most other vaping blogs is its listings of up-and-coming vape events and celebrity interviews to go with the usual news and reviews you'd expect from a major vaping blog. If you're looking for regular content, then this is the blog to follow.



This blog is more about quality than quantity. While TheHappyVaper doesn't have as many posts in a week as most other blogs in this list, you're sure to get quality reading from what you can get here. It's run by a vaping enthusiast who got into it back in 2010 and instantly got hooked, so it's one of those blogs run by a vaper for fellow vapers.

American Vaping Association


If you're interested with the business of vaping, then the American Vaping Association blog should be up your street. As an organization, the AVA acts upon its mission to educate people about vaping and disseminate the latest scientific research on the subject. This blog is for serious vaping enthusiasts.



While this is more of a forum and not a blog, the ECF can function much like a blog as a resource and a community hub. Members post their own content, from testimonials about their vaping journey to answering questions about the intricacies of vaping. It also has links to blogs that are worth checking out, filled with articles written by real people who vape.

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kurt sonderegger


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John McNabb
John McNabb

October 01, 2018

Some of these sites are no longer being updated! Regards, JM


September 04, 2018

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August 06, 2018

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July 24, 2018

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