WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Online Store CLOSED due to PACT ACT (March, 25th 2021)

To Our Beloved Cafe Racer Customers:

As some of you may have heard,  there has been as storm brewing in the vaping world that is about to come into effect - it’s called the PACT ACT and it will dramatically effect the entire industry’s ability to ship vaping products in USA. 

The days are dark, and we regret to inform you that we will likely not be able to ship any Cafe Racer or motto orders after Friday March 26th, 2021.  USPS has not posted its final decision so that may be extended slightly but we are now planning for the worst and wanted to be completely honest and transparent and let everyone know as soon as possible in order to deal with the fallout. 

Here's an excerpt from an article about the Act put into place:

"On Feb. 19, USPS published its proposed rule, titled “Treatment of E-Cigarettes in the Mail,” in the Federal Register, and provided a 31-day window for public comment (which ends March 22). The final rule will take effect soon after publication—on March 27, according to Tobacco Reporter. That is the same date the PACT Act rules will become law.

The USPS is being ordered by Congress to impose the shipping ban; it wasn’t the agency’s idea, and the Postal Service has no leeway to do anything else."

You can read the full article HERE


We are so grateful for your support and loyalty over the years. It's because of you that we've found purpose in the world, and have been able to spend the last 6 years serving you, and helping people like you all over the world to kick the habit of cigarettes and stick with it.

We are doing our best to find a legal way to continue serving you online, but as of now this pending Vape Shipping Ban includes shipments directly to customers in the USA, meaning we will only be aloud to ship to vapor retail stores and other registered resellers domestically, and still ship to customers internationally through other channels. So, although we will most likely not be able to fulfill orders from our website domestically anymore, you can still find your favorite Cafe Racer Vape products at your local Vape Shop.

What if your local Vape Shop doesn't carry Cafe Racer Vape products?

We would love to make Cafe Racer Vape products available to you in your local vape shop!! Just follow these steps:

1. Go to your local shop (or call them)
2. Tell them about our brand & that they need to carry the most award-winning tobacco e-liquids in the world
3. Ask them to visit our website or contact us directly at wholesale@caferacervape.com to set up a wholesale account and join us as an official retailer.


We will remain closed to the public online until further notice.

kurt sonderegger
kurt sonderegger


Founder/CEO of Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

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